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Come Celebrate the 6th Anniversary on NarutoMUD!

Howdy folks! I am pleased to be able to invite you all to come join NarutoMUD in celebrating our 6th anniversary. 6 years ago on December 1st, we opened our doors to players and through a series of ups and downs I’m happy to say we still hold those doors open.

In this era of MUDs, I feel that a 6th anniversary is a big milestone. We’ve left the ‘5 year’ death period and move into the future. I believe NarutoMUD has shown it is not only a quality Anime themed MUD but a quality MUD in general. Even as players come and go, we seem to leave a lasting impression on them and we’ve formed a core following of players that deeply love the game.

I know there are probably some people checking this out who aren’t into anime or Naruto, but I think you should give NarutoMUD a shot. With our 6 years of history, a lot has been accomplished to the game world. The game is based on SMAUG and has slowly been modified over the years to enhance the experience and keep it more in theme with Naruto.

Some of the features of NarutoMUD that make me most proud are our areas, our general story line and skill/customization systems. Our areas have been done by a great deal of talented individuals; however they all go through a level of quality assurance to keep them on theme. Exploring areas of the game enhance the narrative we are projecting, we aren’t just a clone of the story of Naruto, but instead working in the Naruto lore to tell a consistent new story which feels like it ‘fits’ the theme. Players will find during their time on NarutoMUD there is an interesting story they get to work through and one that we’ve slowly built upon over the years.

The skill system on NarutoMUD is probably the jewel of the game. At first glance, it may look like your average SMAUG type setup, but very quickly, players will learn there is more there. Players pick a village they wish to start with, and each village has skills that are sort of defined by the region they are located in, for example the Hidden Mist Village uses water based moves. Skills are broken across 4 disciplines called Ninjutsu (magic-like attacks), Taijutsu (hand-to-hand combat), Genjutsu (illusionary arts) and Ningu (ninja tools). As a player increases their combat level, they gain ability points that can be spent towards mastering a discipline, and also practice points which can be spent learning moves in that discipline. That is pretty straightforward, and not anything too exciting.

However, each move is interesting and unique. While every move can be picked up and used, many have ways to truly make them shine. There are very few moves that are awesome right off the bat, most require the user to play around with them and try different stat combinations and situations to really make them very battle-effective. Paired with later in the game, players can start to learn moves from foreign villages, and many players spend tons of time trying out skills and mixing and matching them to make their ninja unique and cool.

I also want to mention that you don’t get penalized for wanting to experiment with your character. Almost every way to customize your character can be changed or undone. Very few actions are ‘destructive’ or impossible to revert. I know I hated games where there were ‘right choices’ and if you didn’t make them, your guy was worthless, here you can reverse most of your decisions like turning skills back into practice points, even how you level up your disciplines back into the basic ability points. When you spend 100 hours on a character, you can make him everything you want him to be without having to regret. It also lets you feel freer in trying out cool moves without worrying if the move really fits your play style.

Altogether, I really love NarutoMUD and the players who have come and gone over the years have left a lasting mark on me. I’ve been so very lucky to meet some great people from around the world, as well as meet other MUD owners who have the same passion for their game. It’d be a great honor for me, and the rest of the staff, if you all would come and try this world we have built with our hard work and that has grown so dear to us.

We look forward to adventuring with you soon! Check us out at NarutoMUD :: Home or port 4545!
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