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Cool Star Wars: Galactic Horizon [OPEN BETA]

Star Wars: Galactic Horizon has been gone for some time, now, however the dissapearance has not been for naught. We have, thanks mainly to Kesimir and Kurvel, coded out a lot of bugs, and coded in a lot of content and features.

We now have a fully functional Player Shop code, as well as fixed the issues with privacy flags and saving objects in player homes. The largest improvement to gameplay, however, is in the form of Kesimir's Quest System. It is a way for the game's builders to start and track quests the players can go on. Tho there are none in now, that is the point of Open Beta! We are looking for players to help us test these things out, and any future improvements.

Beta testers will be the first to have opportunities such as clan leadership, Force users and even RP Admin. We will need players who know the MUD, its systems and are dedicated to whatever cause they choose in game.

The timeframe is set around 15 ABY, during the Imperial Remnant crisis. There are an abundance of jobs in the Empire, Republic and, of cuorse, the seedier underbelly of the Underworld. Jedi are in slightly more abundance than before, and that, of course, presents opportunities to the Sith.

Come, join us for fun and adventure. We hope to see you on the Galactic Horizon!

Galactic Horizon
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