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Dragonball Evolution wants you!

I'm in a good mood now and I would like to encourage more people to sign on DBE and join the fun. I don't have much else to say besides showing DBE's who list.

---------*=----------------=Dragonball Evolution=----------------=*
| God|B[M] [----] Ozma Chewsonshoes (I am Nothing) (Hatred)
| | [M] [----] Zeveris Black Dynamite
| | [M] [----] Krono (Carebear)
| | [F] [----] Lacima (Pixie)
| | [M] [----] Chubs the Majin (RPer) (Hester)
| | [M] [----] Krygg Master of Karate and Friendship
| | [M] [----] Gorthos Bakorthos (No tell) (Ascended) (AFK)
| Savior| [M] [Merc] Tredis the Bastard Mercenary (Elder Mystic)
| Warlord|B[M] [----] Chilly - Con - Carnival - Cookout! (RPer) (Rune Cybernetic)
| | [M] [----] Scintar Zeveris (Mystic SSJ)
| |B[N] [*ML*] Sinis Masked Infection (Solar Onyx)
| | [M] [*PL*] Matsu The Proofreading Mortal (RPer)
| Supreme|B[M] [*AEE] Shin the Desecrated Angel (Elder Mystic)
| |B[M] [----] Aries The Divine Warlord (Divine) (AFK)
| |B[M] [*AEE] Dartz the Orichalcos koken'nin (RPer) (Pure)
| | [M] [*FC*] Uub {F}earless Dynamite (RPer) (Ascended)
| |B[M] [*AEE] Sixteen Red [>o<] Ribbon Mo*CENSORED*a
| |B[M] [*BL*] Adramelech Hells Crimson Flash (Hatred) (Mayko Eclipse)
| Legend| [M] [*PL*] Sauda the Black Ka'Kari (Shadow)
| | [M] [----] Noob Pure Pwnge!!!! (Pure)
| | [F] [Merc] Ayame the Shadowed Mercenary (SSJ 4)
| | [N] [*AEE] Trikal the Namekian (Super 4)
| Hero| [F] [*ML*] Kyriacou - Masked Sorrow (RPer) (Super 4)
| |B[M] [----] Balrogg Pengish (Deaf) (No ooc) (Neo-Tech)
| Sacred| [F] [*AEE] Roane the Hoodie Ninja (Super 4)
| Avenger|B[M] [----] Citrene Changie Power! (Chimera)
| | [M] [Merc] Kadrin the Bio-droid (RPer) (Ultra)
|Defender| [M] [----] Vocks KING KONG (SSJ 2) (Oozaru)
| |B[M] [Merc] Shura Blood N Power (Power Up) (Mayko Eclipse) (AFK)
| |B[M] [----] Arian "ill take the red one" jenkins
| Master|B[M] [----] Ensuron the Icer (Transform 3)
| Fighter|B[M] [----] Gab the Half-Breed (SSJ)
| Student|B[M] [----] Cerrowire THHN
| Trainee| [M] [----] Fosra the Human
---------*=------------------=7 Imms/27 Players=-----------------=*
Current Experience Multiplier: x 2!!!
A lottery drawing has already been held this uptime.
Quote of the Day:
DBE is still hiring an intelligent builder.

Even if you don't like DBZ, stop by and have a look. If you see something that's not up to standards, let me know and I'll try to make it better. I'm up for any suggestions or feedback, unless it's childish and blatantly rude.
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