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Feudal Realms - the world of Kirganthis returns

Hi all,

I just wanted to post a little something about the re-opening of Feudal Realms. Terloch has finally gotten the old girl up and running again and if you'd like to check it out, we'd love to see you.

The world of Kirganthis is a huge all-original world ruled by the King Lyonsbane, Dukes, Barons, Viscounts, Lords and other nobles. Start as a serf and work your way up! Make your own mark on the Kirganthian nobility. But not all of the world is as refined as the snooty guy in pantaloons walking down the street... There are noble houses with their own stories, a dwarven kingdom, a secretive society of elves, a clan of savage ogres, trolls, goblins and other awful beasts...

Feudal Realms is home to 13 distinct races and 9 unique classes...and when I say unique, I mean unique. The classes of Feudal Realms are not like some other games, where every spellcaster can add every other spellcasters group of spells...warriors and knights are two entirely different types of class...and alchemists, well, you'll just have to see for yourself.

The code was based off of ROM, but we're talking over a decade of heavy modifications here, so it stands out on it's own...yet may have that scent of familiarity to those who enjoy ROM. We are also a roleplay encouraged MUD. And yes, there is playerkilling.

Now to the more technical stuff. Feudal Realms is in a phase of tweaks, fixes and improvements. Things will be going in as they are changed/invented. The level cap has been raised from 81 mortal levels to 100. There will be new gear, new stats, and other new code implemented over time. So naturally, we'd love to have you stop by and check out our, experienced, whatever, come by and enjoy what we have to offer. Also, we could use players with ideas! Give us your input! What would YOU like to see?

Our webpage is where you will find our forums and other useful information. Register and post away!

You can connect to the game at, port 123.

Hope to see you there.


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Re: Feudal Realms - the world of Kirganthis returns

I was really happy to see the place up and running just the other day... but that excitement was quickly replaced by a deepening disappointment as the server has been down now for about the last week. I've stopped by the site to see if there was activity there, but alas it seems the server posts have dried up as of May of this year. Is the re-launch still on? If so, please let us know! There are many of us who want to play/help out in any way that we can.

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Re: Feudal Realms - the world of Kirganthis returns

Sooo... Is FR dead forever?
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