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Shape the world as you play at ConQUEST!

Are you looking for a challenging, combat-and-crafting focused mud that isn't just mindless hack and slash?

Conquest offers a rich gaming experience. Our combat system is simple to learn, but difficult to master. Mix and match skills between four schools of magic and over twenty types of weapons to develop your own unique fighting style.

Go back to town at any time to fine-tune your skill and stat selections. You'll need to, because the wilderness is unforgiving! Monsters are on par with players for power level. Instead of mindlessly grinding down enemies, you will need to puzzle out how to overcome each foe with the skills you have available. If you're still having trouble, recruit an NPC mercenary or PC friend to cut your way through dungeons and lairs, collecting precious crafting materials as you do.

All items outside of the starting zone are player crafted. Collect rare recipes and materials to outfit yourself with powerful magical items, or make a name for yourself by selling your wares to other players. Specialize in alchemy, blacksmithing, carpentry, gemcraft, leatherworking, or metalsmithing to create anything you could possibly need.

Unlike most muds, most areas outside of the starting zone are also player created! ConQUEST's lair system allows players to dig a dungeon and store their treasures in it. The longer the items stay in your lair, the more powerful they become. However, be careful! NPC mercenaries and other players will try to raid your lair and steal your riches for them selves. Hire monsters you find in the wilderness to act as guards, and then secure your lair's hoards with deadly guillotine traps, pit traps, potion launchers, and secret doors!

Are these traps not nefarious enough for you? ConQUEST has a formal process for submitting new crafting ideas including traps, armor, weapons, and miscellanea. If you have a great idea for a new item, read the development guidelines and submit your idea at the Office of Developmental Affairs. If it is accepted, it will be implemented and you will receive a recipe that will allow you to craft your submitted idea!

ConQUEST offers deep, rich gameplay where players have a very large impact on how the world evolves and develops. If you want to play an engaging game where you have the power to shape the world, come give us a try!

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