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Futhork (BETA) - NEW MUD - focused on strategic PK

I have solo worked on Futhork MUD for several months, focusing on a well balanced PK MUD that is very unique. It is not 100% complete yet, but very much playable. I am looking for testers to test the PKing, as testing this solo is a bit challenging Secondary to this, I am looking suggestions on the MOBs (what stats to beef and which to gimp) as I feel they are too easy, but not everyone plays like me. Please note that I do expect bugs at this stage.

I have more ideas to expand this to include group areas and such, but would like the get the basics sorted out first.

About Futhork MUD

This is a ROM2.4 MUD that has been redesigned to focus on Player Killing (PK).
This said, I have kept the original ROM 50 levels to Hero.

As the focus is on Player Killing and strategy, this mud is designed to make people think and be strategic.
Just because your a specific race/class, doesn't mean you will have the advantage over an entire other
race/class combo. Every player will be unique.

Every character has the same (all) skills/spells; However
Races and Classes have different strengths. (Some have more attack, others have more magical abilities, etc...)

str/dex/int/wis/con HAVE been removed!
They have been replaced with:
attack, defense, damage, armor, white mag, black mag.

Because level up points can be added to any of the above mentioned stats on top of the race/class bonus,
each character will have a form of uniqueness, as not all human barbarians would put their level up points
on the same stat. You will have to study your opponents.

These new stats allow for magical races/classes to have high magical powers, and very low melee damage. (as mentioned below)
You will not have a human barbarian cast magical damage like a drow warlock, just like the drow warlock
will not have as much melee damage as the human barbarian.


- Corpse are SAVED, so if there is a crash, nothing is lost.
- Each guild has a VAULT. VAULT items are saved. (max. 100 items)
- You can Guild Tag items. These items can only be used by your guild, and if your corpse decays, these items auto return to your guild vault.
*Guild items will also auto return to vaults if items are dropped in a room, and no players are in that room.
- Futhork Items drop 1% of the time from any mob, and the level of the item will be the level of the mob.
- Futhork items are socket-able (1 to 3 sockets)
- Futhork runes are used in socket-able items to customize your EQ.
- Copyover will save all player corpses, vaults, and return all lost tagged items to the guild vault.

Basic Combat

Your attack is your maximum attack. Your minimum attack is 80% of your max attack.
Your defense is your maximum defense. Your minimum defense is 80% of your max defense.

If your attack hits your opponent (if you roll higher then their defense), then damage is calculated.

Your Damage is your max damage, and min damage is 80% of your max damage.
Your Armor is your max armor, and min armor is 80% of your max armor.

Damage - Armor = Actual Damage inflicted. All hits will result in a minimum of 1 damage.

If your attack was magical, then your damage mod, is replaced by your black magic stats.

The higher the black magic, the higher the magical damage.
The higher the White Magic, the more you will heal.

Mob Stats and PK strategy

- All mob stats are auto generated; therefore converting stock ROM areas is done automaticaly.
- This also means that all level 20 mobs have practically the same stats (give or take a few due to randomization).
- Areas have mob stat bonuses. A primary bonus and a secondary bonus. These bonuses can be seen with the "areas" command.
{ 1 5 } [ | ] Hatchet Mud School
{ 5 15} [ |def] Vougon Gnome Village
{ 5 20} [def| ] Alfa Holy Grove
{ 5 30} [att|dam] Tyrst Wyvern
{15 25} [att|att] Generic Old Marsh
As can be seen, some areas the mobs will not have a bonus, sometimes just a primary bonus, just a secondary bonus or both.
- Primary bonus for now is "mob level * 2" is added to the stat specified.
- secondary bonus for now is "mob level" is added to the stat specified.

- Players killing mobs in an area that has def|def will have high attack, etc.
- This will add to the PK strategy.
- area mob bonuses will eliminate the "1 set does everything", and will make you have to think of what to wear when.


The mud is found at:

Please remember that I solo worked on this MUD, and that I can't always be on, so perhaps no one will be on when you connect.

Thank you,

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