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6th Annual Grand Pumpkin Festival on Threshold RPG

Journey Beyond the Threshold!


60 years ago, the Kingdom of Sable was under siege by orcs, bandits, and other raiders. Farms were burned, trade routes were disrupted, and food stores were getting dangerously low. Rampant fear of an imminent famine was crippling the populace's spirits.

King Borgia set his wizards to the task of a magical solution and they delivered. Alas, the casting of their mighty spells was disrupted by an orc siege led by Dregnar Cankerstump. The effects of the casting were spread randomly over the continent and its nearby isles. Fortunately, the result was mostly positive, sprouting giant pumpkin patches throughout the wilderness. The adventurers of Sable, Thrace, and beyond rallied to the cause, gathering pumpkins from near and far. Prizes were awarded and much fun was had by all.

To honor this life saving, historical event, King Borgia has tasked his wizards with duplicating this accidental magical effect. Always eager to do their King's will, the wizards succeeded. Once more, pumpkin patches can be found all over the wilderness surrounding Sable and Thrace. As before, King Borgia will host a Grand Pumpkin Festival where, among other games and events, there will be contests and prizes. The categories will be:

1) Largest Pumpkin (in weight)
2) Largest Collection of 10 Pumpkins
3) Smallest Pumpkin
4) Smallest Collection of 10 Pumpkins

You can only enter one of the collection contests.

For carved pumpkins:

1) Best Overall
2) Funniest
3) Scariest
4) A Category to be chosen at the time of the contest.

The Grand Pumpkin Festival will be held on (Monday, October 31st, 9:30pm EDT).

A special device has been installed in front of the Castle where you can submit pumpkins for the collection contests. You can only submit a maximum of 10 pumpkins. Pumpkins submitted for any collection contest cannot also be submitted for the Largest or Smallest pumpkin. Candidates for Largest, Smallest, and Carved contests must be brought to the actual festival.

There will be other activities and games planned for the celebration as well. King Borgia has invited Emperor Rendel, and they both look forward to your attendance at the Grand Pumpkin Festival.


The 6th Annual Grand Pumpkin Festival has begun! This annual event has been one of the more popular events on Threshold since its first incarnation in 2006. The festival includes:
  1. Gathering Pumpkins from all over the game world. Pumpkins vary widely in size and weight. Players compete with each other to find the biggest, the smallest, the most, or the most total weight of pumpkins.

  2. Pumpkin Carving: Some pumpkins are suitable for carving. These are an opportunity for players to express their creativity and imagination!

  3. Pumpkin Donations: Citizens of Thrace and Sable can donate pumpkins to their city to feed the less fortunate. These donations contribute to overall city dominance.

  4. All of this culminates with a final celebration on:

    <*> Monday, October 31, 9:30 pm EDT <*> .

  5. Pumpkin Contests: Various pumpkin collecting contests on October 31st will be judged using the Gamwich 3000 Pumpkin Food Processor.

  6. Trick or Treating:

    House owners will be able to decorate and prepare their front yards in advance, setting it to trick, treat, or dark (closed). All day on the 31st, players can dress up and visit the housing neighborhoods to see what awaits them!

  7. Homestead- The Herastian Honor Society invites you all to celebrate in Homestead by decorating your front yards for the holiday. Homestead promotes good neighbors, hospitality, and plain old-fashioned fun. Please have your front yards decorated and ready for judging by Homestead. (Sunday, Oct. 30)

    The Homestead celebration will be held alongside the Grand Pumpkin Festival in King Borgia's castle in Sable City. (Monday, October 31, 9:30 EST) Wear your best costume, and bring your best pumpkin carvings.

Every year the Grand Pumpkin Festival gets better, and with the addition of Homestead along with improvements to last year's new Trick or Treating, this will be the best one yet.

You can already participate in the pumpkin gathering, but make sure you plan ahead for October 31st so you can trick or treat and participate in the final celebration.

See you online!

You can read more about the event on the Threshold Forums.

Threshold RPG:



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