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Threshold: Player Owned Shops 2.0

An exciting revitalization of the player owned shop system has been implemented tonight.

The process is automated, removing the necessity for admin involvement AND allowing for player shops to rotate more consistently- a vast improvement over the old system.

Players are encouraged to read: help player shops

Here are some highlights!
Player owned shops go through a cycle of bidding, open for business and
closed. The following are the cycles and the time spans they are governed by:

        Bidding Phase           1 RL week
        Open for Business       2 RL months
        Closed                  1 RL week

The shop phase cycle is entirely automatic and should not require any
admin intervention. Each shop has its own set of rules as to what can
and cannot be stocked. They are as follows:

        Shop Type               Stockable
        Weapon Shop             weapons (all kinds)
        Armor Shop              armor (all kinds)
        Magic Shop              wands, scrolls, potions, etc
        Food/Drink Shop         Food and drink, including fish, roasted foods
        Components Shop         Anything from reagents, components, resources,
                                etc, anything that can be used as a component
                                for spells (with a minor exception of a secret
Have fun, Threshers!
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