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Thumbs up Lose yourself in Depths of Chaos

"Hello Traveller. Welcome to the city of Delmarii. You appear tired. Shall I assume you’ve had a long journey? I’m just getting off duty, come with me, I’ll show you a place to warm up with dry shelter and warm ale.

I guess you could tell from my attire I’m part of the city Militia. Nah, I’m no one special, just a new recruit. They are looking for lots of new recruits right now. You've come here to join up? Oh! Crafter then? What ya crafting? We got schools for all sorts of crafts, gem’s, leather, fletchery, well really you name it we got it. Blacksmithing huh? Great, we could certainly use a good blacksmith. Oh, think we got a few shops up for sale also if you get interested.

Now then, here we go, good place to get you some ale and warm those bones. Might seem a little crazy about the town for a while, apologize for that and we try to keep things calm but we had a uhm..minor disturbance recently. Ok, no it wasn’t minor. Afraid a group of people attacked our city, a hit and run. They killed a few people around the gazebo, including a Viscount. Clears his throat, Imagine shouldn’t be talking about it, especially with my new job title and all. Well, I guess I still got a few things to learn eh? Enjoy your drink, think I best be on my way. Enjoy your time in Delmarii."

Welcome to the world of Ascentia.

Depths of Chaos is a world created for role-play, made so that you might enjoy your character, finding it is as real as you choose to make them. What do you like to play? Perhaps a guard that wishes to protect its city? Do you choose to worship a deity, becoming a member of the Triad? Even you sneaky thieves can find a place to belong. You will not be able to just type in ‘thief' or ‘guard' and get the role. You log on, start roleplaying with people, and request to join up. Of course, some jobs take a bit more work to sign up for than others.

We have a selection of basic races, humans, drow, sea-elves, dwarves, elves, and half elves. Rumor has it there are also a few special races unobtainable except through roleplay.

You do not so much level here, as you gain enough points over time to earn stat points. The only way you gain more hp, mana, move in the world is by choosing where to distribute those points. You get to choose what skills you learn by having the required stats and having however much money is needed to learn any given skill. Remember, with this world based around roleplay, the skills are there to help enhance role-play more than to go randomly killing things. (Though you can go kill some creatures if you are in a murdering mood.) It is suggested you not kill in the city unless you wish to be locked in a cell. For some strange reason it’s illegal to murder, and there’s consequences.

There is a lot more to the world. Far more than can fit on this advertisement. Stop by, visit, and find you belong within ‘Depths of Chaos’
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Re: Lose yourself in Depths of Chaos

Might want to give a link to your website, Kameo.
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Re: Lose yourself in Depths of Chaos

Originally Posted by Leech View Post
Might want to give a link to your website, Kameo.
Ooo Thanks for noticing...
Here's DoC's link

Home - Depths of Chaos
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