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Talking New playable race: The Yaesterbun!

From a distant corner of the Ancient Expanse, beyond the Rigor Strand and past the Bloat Miasma, around a pale pink star orbits the blue-green world of Yastaer.

On the great grassy plains of this breezy, temperate world dwell the Yastaerbun - furred bipeds with long ears and sabretooth fangs who travel the world on the backs of green polka-dotted fronk steeds. Ruled by a leader known as the Pytir, they move in nomadic tribes with great communal wicker baskets, gathering dragon eggs in accordance with the legend that holds that they must take to the Great Trebuchet high atop Mount Yrruf, so that they can be flung toward oncoming asteroids in defense of the planet's predicted doom in the year 2660.

NOTE: Yastaerbun characters are only guaranteed to last until we reach the time of prophecy. If they fail a Ranged Weapon roll against the asteroids, all shall perish, for they are linked by a unified coma reflex in times of horrible peril.

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