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Power Mud: a Toy World to Unwrap

After running advanced searches on both TMC and TMS I've narrowed my search down to a few intriguing muds to spend my free time on. Nanny Mud is good for laughs, as is Aardmud --both worthy muds with active user bases --very large in Aardmud's case and very passionate in Nanny's. But the game which has me coming back and trying new guilds is Power Mud.

PM has one of the lower room counts and could disappoint if that's your main criterion. But the room descriptions are very smart and detailed and don't repeat from room to room. But what really draws my attention are the guilds. There are quite a few warrior guilds, including such specializations as the Mariners, which only minotaurs can join, the Melee-Magthere, which is the Drow fighter's guild, and a number of others which I don't happen to remember right now because there are several and I haven't played them all.

As for wizardly guilds, there's the Bastion High Tower of Sorcery, the Battlemages, which is devoted to fighter-mages, and the Sorcere, which is, once again, devoted to the Drow. There are cleric guilds for every alignment, a ranger guild and the merchants, which is recommended for experienced players only.

Though I haven't tried most of them out, Power Mud also sports a thriving profession system, which lets the player engage in many activities, from fishing to woodworking.

If you're dog-tired of Diku clones and LP wannabes, try Power Mud: Hostname - Port - 2000

See you in Minot!
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