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Looking for builders and idea people

Background: I'm a developer, I like to program. I've been a HUGE fan of MUDs since I discovered them forever ago. I've tinkered with creating a couple of MUDs in the past, and they always fell down the drain because of a major lack of support or any level of communal interest. That being said, I'm looking to create a MUD that I will share publicly, that will ideally be able to run on a thumb drive for most laptops. My ultimate vision is to have the MUD being used in a variety of places, with a group of different communities. For example, someone could set up an Ubuntu live cd at their office, stick in a USB drive, and run the MUD from there - now the office has their own MUD they can play. Members of the military, someone running an open wifi connection, etc. - they could all run their own copy of the MUD. This may have been done already, since I haven't looked into it at all, but, I still have my personal passion for coding.

As of right now, I'm using QuickMUD that I saved forever ago. Why? Because I want to -- But seriously, in my experience it's the most friendly to the broadest audience, and it came preconfigured with all the features I view are necessary in any MUD.

What I Need: I need people who can build and create the actual virtual world. This is a huge part of the game, particularly the balancing of things and all of that. I understand that creating an online world isn't easy. If I can find someone who's excited, committed, and flexible - that would be amazing. What more could you ask for?

Also, I need someone to just bounce ideas off of, to suggest ideas, to help guide the way. I haven't experienced a LOT of MUDs, but I did get very well acquainted with a few. I don't have the breadth of knowledge that some of you have. Even if you're just there to chat and test things with me, that's absolutely amazing.

What's In It For You: Well, the whole self validation crap is there. Depending on where you live, we might be able to meet up and do people things. If you'd like some form of compensation, please, let me know. I'm game for anything.

How to get in touch: You can Private Message me on here, I just finished setting up a wiki for a less committed input (and to see where I'm taking the idea on a daily basis), or e-mail me at

Edit: Also added the "Be a Builder" page on the website

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Re: Looking for builders and idea people

I toyed with the idea to make a MUD engine myself.

I would create a new language, similar to LPC, but with like only 20% of the syntax needed.

Unfortunately it seems so much work ... additionally creating a virtual world at the same
time seems like a daunting task. My old pen and paper roleplaying group created a virtual
world, but there are always more details that could be added.

98% of the mud engines out there don't fit my use case and I have to admit that
there is so much time that one can spend .... and time is limited ... :/
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Re: Looking for builders and idea people

Making an entire MUD from the ground up is, in itself, a reckless idea! Without some form of financial compensation, that would be an impossible endeavor for most people, regardless of coding experience.

My problem here is that although I have a grasp on the code base and how it operates (which I have been plugging away at mercilessly), the thought of creating an entire world, with proper descriptions, in a way that's helpful to new players sent chills down my spine. I have a strong vision for where the game needs to go, but also need people who can take my concept and get passionate about it themselves; allowing them to use their creativity. Part of this will include helping me set a standard scale for mob difficulty and balance testing -everything-!

If you're interested in building, I'd like to ask you to take a peak at the web page - it's being updated as I change the MUD, including recent modifications to OLC.
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