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Random Artifacts! Hero Powers

The Age of Heroes has begun!

Eryn the Dwarven Champion:
"Fame is for the living, but undying fame is what you are really after, my friend. What if I told you that all your adventures so far are like a long, dreamy childhood, or an afternoon stroll under the warm sun. Think long and hard, and if you are ready to enter the Way of the Hero, if you truly wish to become a living legend, then find your destiny reflected in the burst of starlight gushing out of the body of a Star Vampire slain at the Equinox. It is where I found myself, hundreds of years ago, and have never once regretted walking the Way of the Hero."

* 10 More Mortal Levels
* Hero Powers (armageddon, deathproof, infiltrate, leadership)
* Truly Random Artifacts (as well as enhanced artifacts)
* 16 new magical item properties

Few games offer truly random items, with thousands, maybe millions (who's counting) of combinations. Heroes can pop/create magical items such as these:

Item name: Hades Anklet of Dread
Item type: something you can wear
Can be worn on: ANKLES
Weight: 3, Value: 350,000, Material: Titanium
Improves ARMOR by 5
Increases DAM REDUC by 3% (Hero only)
Increases HITROLL by 2 (Hero only)
Improves RESIST ALL MAGIC by 2 (Hero only)

Item name: Eoric's Magnificent Orb
Item type: an armor you can wear
Can be worn on: HOLD
Weight: 20, Value: 500,000, Material: Steel
Improves ARMOR by 13
Increases CON by 3 (Hero Follower only)
Increases KNOWN SPELLS MASTERY by 3% (Hero only)
Increases MAXMANA by 34 (Hero Follower only)

Item name: Flesh Soultrap of Darkfire
Item type: something you can hold
Item will affect you as: SNEAK
Can be worn on: HOLD
Weight: 1, Value: 250,000, Material: Flesh
Increases CON by 1
Increases ATTACK SPEED by 3% (Hero only)
Increases CRIT. HIT CHANCE by 2% (Hero only)
Mana Vortex

Item name: Steel Hammer of the Stonehaven God
Item type: a warhammer-like weapon
Can be worn on: WIELD
Weight: 40, Value: 1,000,000, Material: Steel
Weapon type: warhammer Damage dice: 9D6 Avg. damage: 34.0
Increases DAMROLL by 5
Increases HITROLL by 5
Increases STR by 1 (Hero only)
Improves shadowstrike mastery by 7% (Hero only)
Autocasts earthquake

* Hero-generated artifacts will form one of the elements in our upcoming in-depth crafting system, with certain crafts being able to reproduce or further improve upon the most desirable heroic gear.

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