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Burning Post II - seeking mature, ethical role-players!

The Burning Post II is better than ever, with tons of new features and more stable code! If you checked out BurP II shortly after it opened, you'll be surprised at how much things have changed!

There's only one thing the game really needs: mature and enthusiastic players who telling stories in a enjoy dark, gritty settings and theme.

The Burning Post II isn't for everyone. Although PK is allowed, it is restricted in the sense that one needs a solid, in-character (IC) reason to kill another player. The use of information gained through OOC methods IC is strictly forbidden, and the staff does it's best to make sure there's no IC/OOC crossover.

Twinks and powergamers really don't have a place on BurP II, and if you're the sort of person who thinks cheating and the abuse of code/OOC info is okay, you probably won't fit in.

Ideally, we're looking for people who enjoy telling a story in a cooperative environment, people who are okay with not being the center of attention once in awhile, and who don't view RP as something you 'win'. Conflict is inherent in the game, and while characters do die, PK shouldn't be the focus of anyone's RP.

Ultimately, what we're looking for are folks interested in being a part of a community, who can put the good of the MUD and enjoyable RP ahead of their own desires and their characters goals.

The game is usually busiest in weekday afternoons and evenings EST, although the number of players online tends to fluctuate quite a bit regardless of the time of day.

Hope to see you in game! 4321
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Re: Burning Post II - seeking mature, ethical role-players!

You know, you never get a real 'feel' for a MUD until you play the same character on it for nearly a year. Alright, maybe you can get a feel for it, but once you have that first character that you stick with through the long haul, and then you reach the end of his story - completely satisfied - you know that you've found a home. I've had a few MUD homes, from Aetolia and Achaea, to Accursed Lands (defunct) and Dark Isles (defunct). Never, at any of them, have I had a character that I played for seven months, without growing bored of the character. Within the Inquisition theme found at BurP II, I was able to create that worthwhile character.

So, to mark the occasion, I'd like to give this thread a shameless bump, and attempt to share my home with you. Cheers!
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Thumbs up Re: Burning Post II - seeking mature, ethical role-players!

Originally Posted by Leech View Post
Accursed Lands (defunct)
Untrue. Accursed Lands is running But the website and connect address have been changed a bit.
Website: (redirection from Accursed Lands)
Connect address: 8000
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