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Dark Metal MUSH (oWoD Revised)

Dark Metal is an Old World of Darkness (revised edition) MUSH set in a post-apocalyptic future on the west coast of what was once the United States. With the world still struggling to recover from a ravaging war almost fifty years ago, its population - what remains of it - is shattered into insular semi-feudal countries at various technological levels.

Our primary grid is set in LATMA, the Los Angeles-Tijuana Metropolitan Area, a corporatocracy struggling to maintain its independence. It lies pinned between two greater empires engaged in a cold war: the powerful and better-supplied Hind Manchu empire which has established a foothold in San Francisco, and the brutal but effective New Aztec Empire to the south. Both of them have come to terms with the truth of the world post-Fall: That supernatural creatures live among them.

LATMA is not so progressive. Here, supernaturals-- known popularly as O47s, for Order 47, the law declaring them nonhuman and without even the right to live-- must keep an even lower profile than they once did, for the mortal world vastly outnumbers them, and is no longer blissfully ignorant of their existence. Cybertechnology has advanced to the point where humanity can, with its superior numbers, compete toe-to-toe with the creatures of the shadows, and the Consortium that rules the megatropolis has invested heavily in making sure that they want to.

Supporting Vampire (Camarilla, Sabbat, Anarchs, and Independents), Mage (Traditions and Technocracy), Mortal+ (psychic and hedge sorcerers), Shifter (Garou both Gaian and Wyrm, Bastet, Corax, Ratkin), and Cyber-enhanced Humans (or the regular type), Dark Metal has a little something for everyone. Our emphasis is on player-run plots with minimal required staff involvement.

== Currently ongoing plots include: ==

The Sideshow Freaks: The sideshow is coming to town, excursions into the various cities are looking for a location to setup business.

Demons in the Outfield: A Nephandi with a grand plan is drawing energy from LATMA, plaguing its populace with nightmares and spawning demons in search of souls.

Blood Disease: The infected walk the streets; a horrifying blood-borne disease is spreading. The cause remains unknown.

Snakes in the Grass: The Followers of Set have a new front as nature conservationalists, blazing new trails in the growing and distribution of weed. There are even rumors that Set Himself is about to be restored to his glory.

Sabbat Sabotage: The Sabbat of Tijuana are reeling and on the warpath of the Setites that sabotaged one of their sacred temples in territory of Tijuana.

Downunder: An unholy trinity of corpses, necromancers and the Italians are working secretly towards creating a new dominion.

Cybercrazy: Someone has been tailing Virtual Adepts, and the clues point towards Lynwood. But is it trail or a trap?

The Drowned City: Advertisements have gone out on various channels seeking adventurous types for the investigation of an unusual pre-Fall ruined city.

And in breaking news...

The Consortium galvanized the population - Bright, Dark, and especially O47 - with the announcement that it has successfully developed immortality... and will be providing it on request to every true and legal SSN-bearing citizen. Do YOU want to live forever?

== Telnet: 2039
== Website: Dark Metal MUSH |
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