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Threshold Fanfic Contest

While thinking of fun stuff to do this morning/afternoon on Threshold, I really wanted to do something purely creative. I love the idea of contests that give our awesome players a chance to show off their amazing imaginations.

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  • Write a Threshold fanfic. If you don't know what fanfic is, google it!

  • Please don't humiliate any Threshold character in your fanfic unless you have that person's permission. A little good natured teasing is fine. Putting them in weird situations is fine. Putting them in sexual situations that would make someone really uncomfortable should also be something you avoid (again, unless you have permission).

  • This is fanfic, so you are free to completely violate the lore. Deities/NPCs can do insane or ridiculous things. Part of the fun of fanfic is when fans are totally insane and throw in their own super wishful version of how the lore might develop.

  • Despite the above, lets keep staff out of it (Aristotle, Dalaena, Gesslar). There are a few people out there we can't really trust to stay on the proper side of the line.

  • Send your submissions via email to:


    (note the all caps)

  • DEADLINE: Sunday, November 18, 2012, 11:59pm EST.

NOTE: Anyone who wants to give people blanket permission to use/abuse their character(s) in a fanfic, go ahead and give that blanket permission here in this thread.


I have no idea how many submissions we will get, what they will be like, etc.

All I can promise is that if we get a lot of good submissions, the prizes will be EXCELLENT.
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