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Hello folks, I am a player of Aadaria and I would like to invite you all to come and try out the game. We have a growing community and I know we can accommodate anyone. The staff is exceptional and are always working on the code, one of our IMPs (Loke), LIVES in the shell, working on the game as much as he can, adding new features daily. Leveling is not to hard until you get to the 4th tier then it becomes challenging, but there are always people online to help you get through those rough times. If you pick a class line you want to stick with, all the skills/spells you master will stick with you through the tiers, so you do not have to worry about losing your progression if you stay at tier 1 for a while. Also I figured I would let some of our other player reviews speak for themselves.

You can Connect with, Port: 3300

Aadaria has several things that are awlways wanted in a mud.

1: Players
When I logged in for the first time, I got a lot of welcomes. I like
that in a mud, because it symbolizes it's active. not only is it active,
but the players generally want to help.

2: The imms.
The imms work hard here, taking idea's and suggestions from anyone who
cares to make them. they're always fixing something or adding something,
and generally working hard, which isn't something you see in every mud.
All in all, I like this mud, and if your looking for a new mud, whether
you are new to mudding, or just wanting a friendly environment then Aadaria is for you.

Review Submitted By: Kamiya
Author Status: Player
Started on Aadaria: a few days ago
Submission Date: Nov 12, 2013
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So I've been playing at this Mud for a week, and I recognize some of it from another Mud I played in the last couple of years (I don't remember its name), and I did find it pretty exciting then, and Aadaria still is.

The Immortals are all pretty friendly and the coders (Opio and Gronje) are pretty adamant about fixing any code issues.

For those people looking for an easy-to-learn, yet still complex, bashing/friendly Mud, I've found that the players are pretty good about wanting to group together to level. Below are a few things I do really like about it.

XP - You can get more XP based on how strong the enemy you fight is and your alignment compared to it. Alignment can fluctuate easily, it doesn't take forever to go from being a good guy to a bad guy.

Skills - I do believe some of them are still getting fine-tuned, but as you keep going along, each classes skills do get progressively better. There are plenty of area-attack skills you can use to take on multiple enemies at once or protect yourself from enemies better too.

Questing - There's Global Quests (multiple people search for monsters around the mud to destroy, first person who gets it, gets the prize [It tells you the prize]. They are also level-range specific, so you won't get people outside of that level range hogging all the Gquests.. Normal questing is just as fun, and helps you explore the mud. There is quest gear that helps you right from the get-go, and is extremely useful! Do quests!

Exploring - Now you can do it just by walking around, or by using the 'run <area name>' command. No more memorizing speedwalks to other areas, the mud will let you run to anywhere, (almost) from anywhere.

Classes - I haven't gone to the next tier yet, but with the statcheck I've been able to take a peek at how they work (like getting more skills, or getting skills quicker). Each class has their own niche that they are pretty good at, and I hope I can make each in my own time.

Overall I think this game is fun, and the more people they get during this stage, the quicker they can get it out of Alpha and Beta. Things progress rapidly enough to not bore you, and there's a lot more I haven't experienced yet - Guilds, Tiering, Forging, etc. etc.

Come join me and others to try out the mud!
Tran LF

Here is some info about the game:

- 200 mortal levels, reroll and pick any race/class you want after that, or work on devotes which will remain through all your tiers.
- 4 class tiers - 4th tier features 4 superclasses
- Automated questing
- Randomized EQ Loading
- 90% original areas
- 10 classes total.
- 10 total races, 6 from the start and 4 tier 4 races.
- Devote system to raise discipline for bonus attributes (for end game) learning: Body, Mind, Spirit, Grace, Force & Life
- Help World - Go to any area with "Run" command to get to where you need
- Forge Code - Obtain all different kinds of stones to forge special EQ.
- Clan Creation, Clan HQ Creation, Clan Guardian Creation, Clan EQ creation

Hope to see you there!

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Home MUD: Abandoned Realms
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Adroan is on a distinguished road
Re: Aadaria

We have just added a new Forging System, obtain your own materials through mining and finding cloth/silk/linen pieces and forge/tailor your own eq. We have gotten rid of 4th tier and now work on balancing out the 8 classes we have. New Races coming soon, as well as new Zones that will challenge even the veteran Mud players. Come Join us for a great experience you will not forget!
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