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Threshold's 18th Birthday

We're legal now! On June 11th Threshold will have been open to the public for 18 years! That means it will be possible for someone to have been born AFTER the opening of Threshold and actually be legal to play! That's AMAZING to think about!
  1. Glorification of the Aether: June 4 - June 30 - Now is your chance to buff up your Exemplars and empower your Deity. Many surprises are in store throughout this event.
  2. Birthday Celebration Event Extravaganza: June 6 (Friday) through June 16th (Monday)
    STEA run events every single day... and we're keeping score for the grand, final event (and prizes)!
    • +1 point for participating in an STEA event.
    • +3 for winning the event.
    • +2 for being runner up.
    • STEA staff also have optional bonus points they can award for criterion they dream up on the spot!
  3. Half Price Food Weekend: June 6 (Friday) through June 9 (Monday)
  4. Monday Night Flagging: June 9
  5. Double XP Weekend: June 13 (Friday) through June 16 (Monday!)
  6. Monday Night Flagging: June 16
  7. Monday Night Flagging: June 23
  8. Glorification of the Aether Final Week: June 23 - June 30 - Things will really ramp up and heat up!
  9. Monday Night Flagging: June 30

Join us at: Threshold RPG Flash Client or via telnet:
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Re: Threshold's 18th Birthday

Threshold RPG -

Web client:


STEA Run Events for this week:

A special round of events will occur this month. You will have a chance to win special prizes by participating in any of the following events.

You will earn points in the following format:
  • +1 point just for participating in an event.
  • +3 to win it.
  • +2 for runner up.
  • +1 option bonus point awarded by whoever ran the event to give out by any desired "fun" criteria.

BINGO! (June 9th - 7pm EST)

Lindelrom supplies the booze, the cards, and the fun!


Fishing for Glory (June 10th - 12pm EST)

A fishing charter run by Lindelrom. She'll supply the booze, fishing equipment, and bait!


Street Arcanus (June 10th - 6pm EST)

We'll be dancing in the streets! With zaps galore!


Town Drunk (June 11th - 12pm EST)

Can you hold your liquor??? We'll find out who is the town drunk!


Chocolate Wars (June 11th - 6pm EST)

You'll get points based on where you hit the target with your chocolate!


Fencing Tourny (June 12th - 12pm EST)

Have you tried your hand at fencing? If not, Lindie will teach you just before the match! She'll make the announcement to meet her a few tolls before hand to give you pointers.


Dome Bash (June 12th - 6pm EST)

It's time to see how you do up against others in the realm! First round will be every man for themselves, second will be teams, and third will be no food!


Cross Stomp (June 13th - 12pm EST)

It's a bash but in the Cross! Let's see how you do against your opponents AND the arena!


Death Arcanus (June 13th - 6pm EST)

Let's see how well you can aim your zapper when your opponent is trying to beat you up! You have to win the Arcanus way but you're allowed to try to kill the competition before they can zap you! And yes, this will be in the dome.


Quail Hunt (June 14th - 3pm EST)

Let's all go to the Akren Estate and learn how to hunt quails! Everyone will get a chance to practice a couple of rounds before the contest begins.


Dome Bash part 2 (June 14th - 6pm EST)

Let's have another Dome Bash! Even if you participated in the first one, feel free to try your hand at it a second time!


Scavenger Hunt (June 15th - 3pm EST)

Lindie will hand you a list of things to find. The first one to find them all, wins!


Charades (June 15th - 6pm EST)

Can you act out something written on a card? If you make your actions too close to the word on the card, you will be disqualified. This is your chance to be creative!


Catch Bard (June 16th - 12pm EST)

You'll be given a word and you have to say words that will help someone else guess what the word is.


Dome Bash part 3! (June 16th - 8pm EST)

Bring all of your things and get READY TO RUMBLE!


All events will be hosted by the STEA with chances to win prizes during the events as well as an overall prize based on the number of points you have win throughout all of them.
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