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Talking Ancient Anguish Rabbit Hunt - Easter Weekend

Hippity Hoppity, hardy heroes and heroettes!

Word has reached us recently that the realm realm of Ancient Anguish ( may realize a recurrence of rabbity rebellion this weekend. A plague of little rabbits has been spotted in the distance; their first scouts are expected soon after Armageddon finishes shouting about the end of the world.

In order to avert the dark times that surely await if we allow these creatures to spread unchecked, a prize, never seen before in the mortal realm, will be awarded to the player who kills the most little rabbits that form part of this invasion.*

Rabbit hunt rankings will be shouted periodically throughout the event.

Easter reboot begins this Saturday 4 April at roughly 1pm UTC, which translates to 9am Eastern US time (with Daylight Saving). The hunting will conclude at the end of the reboot, 49ish hours later.

You can also expect some Easter Egg hunts this weekend.

*Rabbits which already inhabit our world regularly do not contribute towards hunt standings.

About Anguish Anguish:
Created in 1992, this medieval fantasy LPMUD has a dedicated and friendly playerbase, active development community, careful game balance, and cohesive world theme. Play an Artificer and build a bronze scorpion to defend you in battle... Or tame a wolf pup as a Ranger and raise it into a fiercely loyal companion... Or learn the secrets of the Shapeshifter Enclave and master its many forms. With nine classes, eight guilds, five playable races, and over 20 years of world-building, there is always something new to explore. Free to play without limitations!
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Home MUD: Ancient Anguish
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AncientAnguish is on a distinguished road
Re: Ancient Anguish Rabbit Hunt - Easter Weekend

A total of 38 players (and 3 rather territorial NPCs) participated in the rabbit hunt. Among the former group, two hunters soon separated themselves the rest, vying with each other for top place while maintaining a huge lead ahead of the others. Third place changed hands many times, inspiring such lust for rabbit blood that at least one hobbit was mistakenly killed for having too many letters in common.

Ultimately, the top position was claimed and held by Pudge, who will be bestowed with the promised Fabulous Prize after he catches up on sleeping, eating, and all those other less important activities rightly set aside in order to fulfill his destiny.

The top NPC was Student, at whose hand 66 rabbits died with a confused look on their faces.

And then, with only 5 minutes before Armageddon brought an end to the hunt, while 294 invader rabbits still plagued the land:
On Moonset 14, 645 Stome [20] was killed by a little rabbit.

Final ranking and kill counts:

1 - Pudge, 2453
2 - Levek, 2021
3 - Lavalamp, 572
4 - Balthamal, 563
5 - Moab, 464
6 - Yamm, 370
7 - Pewdie, 241
8 - Winter, 204
9 - Spoo, 163
10 - Garacaius, 149
11 - Otter, 107
12 - Holiday, 47
13 - Brick, 41
14 - Josaphine, 36
15 - Oark, 30
16 - Roserazer, 26
17 - Ashenshugar, 10
- Puma, 10
18 - Piggy, 6
19 - Everything, 5
- Gossamer, 5
- Mannec, 5
- Shazam, 5
20 - Kylie, 4
- Zaragoza, 4
21 - Alzarr, 3
22 - Hektor, 2
- Pandora, 2
23 - Angharad, 1
- Dahlia, 1
- Gormok, 1
- Keeley, 1
- Keldorn, 1
- Murbol, 1
- Pennantia, 1
- Visa, 1
- Vordax, 1
- Xaedra, 1

1 - Student, 66
2 - Lizard guard, 9
3 - Lizard mage, 4

I know I'll sleep much better tonight knowing there are 2834894328923489 fewer rabbits and/or hobbits in the world!

Minister of Rabbit Relations
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