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Plague breaks out in Achaea!

The beginnings of a plague have appeared in the distant island of Umbrin in Achaea, infecting the crews of affected ships and causing a great deal of consternation among the Achaean population. The story thus far:

Rivtan's expression was one of horrified concern as he watched Skye board The Eslofe[a player-owned ship]. After scrubbing his hands in a bucket of water for a third time, just to be safe, the Umbrinite healer quickly convened with the High General.

A letter was soon winging its way to the Tasur'ke harbour. The slender scroll bore the signatures of the Umbrinite leaders, and laid out the ugly situation to Captain Maelstrom.
~ ~ ~

The Tasur'ke port authority might be a little misnamed, but its ranks have grown with the needs of the world. The membership extends to the likes of Tasur'ke's Captain Maelstrom, Thraasi's harbourmaster Nicholon, and a number of others; all work to oversee the economic stability of the trade routes, ensure high standards and stocks of supplies at the manned harbours about the land, and engage in a near constant effort to recruit the crews of tomorrow.

~ ~ ~

Captain Maelstrom blanched as he read the Umbrin missive, all signs pointed to a contagious disease. Plague? And in one of the trade ports? Unconscionable.

After a quick conference with the other members of the port authority, a swift ship departed Tasur'ke harbour. The vessel headed north through the Cnidian Gates and into the Lothian Reaches, its cargo a low level official and a pair of muscled roustabouts, charged with enforcing the quarantine of the militant isle.

Back upon mainland, a different sort of sickness overtook the Tasur'ke Captain, a queasy sensation in his gut that spoke of a deep seated worry as he turned his attention to planning.

"The other harbours will have to report in daily," the harbourmaster thought as he scribbled a note to himself. "I'll need to organise provisions for the disposal of the corpses, and then all we can do is wait." Maelstrom stared about himself as he realised he spoke that last aloud.
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