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Lusternia Ascension Events

Every year in Lusternia, there are ten Ascension Events as the Nine Seals holding the Soulless Gods weaken. One challenge for each of the Nine Seals and the final challenge where the Sealbearers compete to see who will strengthen the Nine Seals and rise to become the True Ascendant.

This year, the Nine Seals weakened after an astounding event wherein nefarious dreamwalkers put the entire world to sleep. Players awoke in a duplicate world where the dreamwalkers claimed to be the new gods. Fortunately, players were able to defeat the gods but, alas, the Nine Seals eventually cracked and the Ascension began. If interested in learning more about the Dreaming Event, read Part I, Part II and Part III.

Thus far, eight events have been held and one is scheduled for this coming weekend. Then, the following weekend, the Final Ascension will be held among the Sealbearers wherein the True Ascendant will arise.

Challenge of Chaos
Winner: Ixion
Event: Amidst the hundreds of hamsters released during this challenge, the Purple Hamster of Chaos will be hidden amongst this furry hoard. This is not as easy as it seems as the Purple Hamster of Chaos is not as easy to hold as one might imagine! Whoever holds the purple hamster at the end of the challenge will receive the Seal of Chaos.

Challenge of Harmony

Winner: Talan
Event: This challenge will test the skill of influencing. Whoever influences the most denizens will receive the Seal of Harmony.

Challenge of Nature
Winner: Marcella
Event: Who knows the geography of Lusternia best? This challenge consists of a scavenger hunt to find out the answer. The winner will receive the Seal of Nature.

Challenge of Knowledge
Winner: Arcanis
Event: This challenge is a rigorous quiz about the nature of Lusternia and its history. The winner receives the Seal of Knowledge.

Challenge of Life

Winner: Malarious
Event: Who can save the most denizens? The winner receives the Seal of Life.

Challenge of Death
Winner: Leolamins
Event: A rather dark challenge: whoever kills the most denizens wins the challenge and receives the Seal of Death.

Challenge of Justice
Winner: Falmiis
Event: Using the skills of debate, contestants will see who will come up on top in a series of debate challenges. The winner will receive the Seal of Justice.

Challenge of Beauty

Winner: Irillia
Event: The Trademaster of each trade cartel may submit one design (either public or cartel-specific) on behalf of the cartel. The artist of that design must be specified as it needn't be the Trademaster. For example, Trademaster Tom of the Lollipop cartel may submit a design and specify Jane as the artist. If that design wins, Jane would be considered the winner of the challenge. To enter, the Trademaster should message the Charites with the Cartel's entry and specify who the artist is at that time. The winner of this challenge will receive the Seal of Beauty.

Seal of War
Date: March 5, 2016 and March 6, 2016 (if not possible to finish in one day)
Time: 11:00 a.m. PST
Event: A double elimination style tournament will be held among all competing teams across two days. Teams of three will battle it out with the slaughter culminating in the championship match on Sunday. The winner, selected from the winning team either by unanimous vote or through a FFA, will receive the Seal of War.

Final Trial: Ascension
March 12, 2016
Time: 11:00 a.m. PST
Event: The Nine Seals will merge together and form the Staff of Ascension. The staff can only be held by the nine challenge winners who are marked by one of the seals. When the staff is released onto the astral plane, it cannot be taken off of the astral plane. Whichever of the nine winners holds the staff for one full Lusternian day shall arise to become the True Ascendant!
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