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Age of the Ancients

Hey now,

Age of the Ancients has been around since approximately 1996, went on a bit of hiatus a few years ago but its back!

AOTA features some of the most advanced mechanics ever to be implemented in text based games.

The world is massively huge (20,000+ rooms) and mostly original (all the relevant zones are original).

Players can make their own custom zones for RP / hanging out / whatever with the pzones command.

PVP / PK / Arena / Kombats available, PK is optional.

Huge 'raid' style areas that take multiple players and multiple days to complete.

Some zones only reset daily or weekly and have high end 'limited' equipment.

Multi-classing allows for a rather broad range of options for characters.

Alternate experience points let you keep improving your character past max level.

Auto quest system rewards 'glory' which can be used to buy many special prizes.

Equipment can typically be 'layered', you can wear 2 gloves, 2 belts, 2 boots etc if they layer.

Thousands of item progs, mob progs and room progs make the game feel like it's alive at times.

Clans and Orders allow for the saving of equipment in hall donation pits.

Tons of leveling areas, you can level two characters to max and not go to the same area twice if you want.

Lots of internal 'mini quests' in zones, like kill this person and bring their head to this person etc.

Unparalleled fight mechanics system, with 'haste' increasing combat speed and 'turbo' mode maxing it.

Each 'quad' or 'dual advanced' class as they're called has their own special heal, stun, maim and more.

A 'stun' ability stuns a mob or a player for three rounds when it hits.

A 'maim' ability will maim a limb off an opponent when it hits and also stuns them for five rounds.

When a limb gets maimed off, any items worn on that limb fall into the inventory.

Some classes are 'pet' classes and can cast copies of themselves, summon psi blades, chimaeras, etc.

Pets can wield weapons that have a 'createok' flag, allowing many 'pet' classes to deal high DPS.

Each class has a particular area of talent and special 'archskills' that (hopefully) help their expertise.

Some examples of these skills are 60% hit avoid (Prophet) and double damage cap (Blademaster).

The 'quad' class you choose also decides what bonuses you get to HP/Mana/Move from equipment.

Classes like Wraith and Jackel get higher hitpoint bonuses and less mana from equipment.

Classes like Mystic and Archmage get higher mana and less hitpoints from equipment.

The game is very stable, there are regular auto-warmboots and the game boots itself back up typically if it crashes for any reason. The players are very helpful, just log on and check it out to find out more!
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