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Old 03-12-2004, 07:54 AM   #41
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Jazuela will become famous soon enoughJazuela will become famous soon enough
I've never played a "stock game" that had a OOC command called "tell", and had no idea what you folks were talking about. The only game I've ever played that had -any- command called "tell" is Armageddon. The tell command there lets you address a specific person when you're talking to them in the same room.

Sitting on the couch beside him, the red-haired girl tells the green-eyed man, "It's good to see you again, uncle!"

That is the -only- tell I have experience with.

As for global OOC chat channels, yeah I agree. Since the thread is asking about RP pet peeves, and not non-RP pet peeves, I think global OOC chat channels totally distract and detract from RP. We have an OOC command that sends your message to the room you're in. It's distracting, but it's currently the only way a new player can get help in the game from other players.

Some of us have been pushing for OOC to be directable, so when the newbie asks.. OOC I'm not sure what to do next, can someone help me?.. whoever answers can ooc (red-haired) Yeah..let's go somewhere else so I can help you.. and the only person who would see the OOC response is the red-haired guy.
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Old 03-12-2004, 04:38 PM   #42
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Well, I know in my MUD if you really want to RP hardcore and not be interuppted by any globals, then you can just turn off the any OOC globals. Be it the question channel, the music channel, grat channel, or just the standard OOC, they can all be turned off. Can't you guys' channels be turned off? If not then I pity you. *shrug*
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Old 03-12-2004, 06:00 PM   #43
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Jazuela will become famous soon enoughJazuela will become famous soon enough
We don't have global channels, and therefore have no need to turn them off. It's a RP-intensive, RP-enforced, RP-hardcore game. Global channels have no place in the game, and so we don't have them.

The OOC command is seen only in the room where the person is using it. It's not too distracting most of the time, but can be annoying if a newbie who hasn't spent 20 minutes reading the main documentation shows up asking where he can get eq or how does he lvl.
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Old 03-12-2004, 08:47 PM   #44
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I've come up with a few pet peeves of my own..

1) People who do stupid things and then bitch about the concequences after.
I mean, how difficult is it to realize that if you walk into the Sarlaac's mouth/insult or attack an Imperial trooper/insult or annoy a Hutt/annoy Vader or other Sith you're in Deep Trouble™.
And the sad thing is...there are people who've walked into the Sarlacc and then bitched that they got eaten and asked to be brought back. It's only happened twice that I know of, but each time the Admin - and the playerbase - have all said that, since the PC who got gobbled didn't pay attention to the room descs, they don't get the right to be brought back.

2) People who try and make their char the prettiest/strongest/handsomest/etc whatever.
People. We can not all be pretty or strong or smart or brave. It'd be nice if we could be - but we can't, in real life. So why do you think things would be much different in a MU*?
Besides, it's more interesting to play a char with flaws; perfection is boring.

3) People who assume that just because no PCs are around, no one at all is there.
Generally, I find that people like this come from a Hack-'n-Slash MU* where, if there wasn't any player in the room with them, it would hold true that there was no one at all in the room besides them.
On RP MU* this is not true. NPCs are everywhere. And even if they aren't in the room with you - and odds are that they will be, normally - they're still somewhere nearby a lot of the time. You can't just walk into an apartment and pick up the stuff there without the cops getting called by a neighbour.
And yet...everytime one of these guys gets caught in the act, they say "But there wasn't anyone there!"
Think, bucko. What are the odds in Real Life that you'd be able to walk into a store and just take the cashbox or whatever you want without getting in trouble for it sooner or later? That's right; pretty low.
So why the bleepin' blue blazes do you assume that in an RP MU* things would be any different? I mean...if you're out in space on an abandoned ship, it's reasonable to assume you're the only one there. Or if you're in the wild or something. But in a city? Fergeddit!

4) People who use OOC info IC'ly or try and do that.
If there's no way at all for someone to know something IC'ly, even if the player knows it, then the player shouldn't RP the char as knowing it.

5) Twinks and powergamers in general.
You are not Superman. You cannot kill at a hundred paces with the glare of your eyes alone; you can be killed; and the odds of you being able to throw people through solid steel walls are very low (unless, of course, you're of a race that has the strength to do so). And you cannot kill people before they have time to react - or at least very, very rarely can you.

6) Inconsistancy in general.
Pick a storyline. Stick to it. Do not deviate from this storyline, even if a hundred flying monkies come into your house and threaten unspeakable things unless you do so.
Don't for sanity's sake, waver between saying your parents were killed by an assassin and saying they were kidnapped and you never saw them again. Not that this has actually ever happened to me or anyone that I know of.
But still..

7) People who try and go against the theme and/or canon.
You are not God, where the MU* is concerned. Only the Head Admin is the god. Only they get to say what the theme is.
Therefore, you have no excuse to run around as a serial killer if your race is IC'ly very, very pacifistic (unless your char goes nuts, in which case you're the exception not the rule). If you do in fact do this, don't be surprised when the Admin smack you down as hard as they friggin' can. Or even just not approve your app.
Yes, being original is good. But stay within canon, please.

8) People who try and be Mary Sue/Marty Stu.
You know the person. The one who's a poster child for all the cliched items on any Admin's list of what not to approve.
The orphan who has a dozen stories for how her parents vanished. The pirate who never misses a shot or fails to seduce a woman. The Good Guy who always, always, always wins (in his mind) - and complains when he doesn't.
Please, if you're one of these people, take thyself to a therapist and get help. You can't always be perfect, IC'ly or otherwise. whether it's perfectly helpless or tragic, perfectly sexy, or perfectly...perfect. People won't believe it - and sooner or later, they'll get ticked and shun you as best they can. And I honestly don't blame them.

9) PCs who don't participate when you try and get an RP plot going.
Maybe this happens to every Admin sooner or later. But there's only so much one can do before you have to get the players actually participating rather than just reacting.
And when they don't, the plot collapses like a dirt wall in a torrential downpour.

10) People who bitch about the lack of RP when they have IC means of going and interacting with others.
Okay, there's a few of these people at my home MU*. One or two of them are on the wanted list IC'ly so they don't want to go out and risk their hides.
What, you want us to bring the RP to you? This is not take-out-and-delivery! You must put in a minimum of effort to get RP - meaning you have to haul yourself out of whatever hole you're hiding in and take the chance that, yes, a bounty hunter will see you and capture you. But if you aren't willing to make that effort, then stop your whining already.

And looking back over this, it sounds more rant-y than I meant it to..
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Old 03-14-2004, 11:46 AM   #45
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The people who should be arrested for aggravated melodrama. You know the ones. EVERYTHING happens to them. All the time. They’re like that woman in the silent movies who gets tied to the tracks. EVERY WEEK.

It is important that players take responsibility for making things happen. And tension and conflict are good. But sheesh! Camille! Wear a sweater for goodness sake. They are dying of plague and they’ve been robbed and they’re about to give birth, and they want you to stop your political intrigue and machinations to comfort them because their lover left them for another man/woman/orc/pair of earplugs.

It’s not that they’re rping too much. It’s that instead of rping with you, they’re rping at you. And it’s annoying.
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