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Firefly is on a distinguished road
As a young child I was found by American missionaries somewhere in the untamed jungles of Burma. Before that, my memory is a blank. The only clue to my true identity lies in a small crescent moon tattoo upon my left arm, but that, is another tale. The missionary couple, who became as much a father and mother as a wild girl such as I could admit to, schooled me in English and the Word of God, until insurgent anti-government activity forced them from the area. Wandering the streets of Rangoon, far from my jungle home and without a kyat to my name, it looked as if I would never become the internet goddess that you see before you. Then, I saw my chance. Stowing away in the boat of a Chinese silk merchant, I made my way to Guangdong, learning all the while the secrets of silk. My clever mind began to turn, and I convinced the trader captain to let me negotiate a deal far overseas in the land of my foster parents. Soon, disguised as a bolt of fine material I was unrolled into an import shop in Boston, and knowing the tongue of the land already I greeted the amazed proprietor. It was then I spotted the wondrous device, glowing softly, tiny lights winking like the eyes of the panther in the underbrush I had often spotted from my youthful treetop home.. Ah, I was entranced. Reluctantly, for I believe that he did not mean for me to stumble across such magic, the old shop owner imparted to me the secret, mysterious knowledge of Mud. Seven years I studied under the tutelage of the Master, seven years I trained my fingers in quick, subtle typing and my mind in the arcane arts of roleplay until I too, (though my humbleness would never allow me to admit it), had become a Master. Thus I became what you see now, this poor wandering pundit of Mud, sharing the wisdom of that sacred doctrine to any with ears to hear the words. That is my tale, the tale of a wild jungle girl turned errant internet guru.
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ManiacMana is on a distinguished road
I just entered the world of muds two weeks ago and found this site to.Thought I introduce myself by replying to this post.
The tale above is indeed interesting and intricated ( I wonder what this word means?) but don't even get me started on how I got into mudding!
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