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Well, these boards sure seem to have changed since Iíve visited lastÖ. And, also my memory, as I couldnít remember the corresponding passwords for any of the old userids I used to have here. For now, I suppose, youíll come to know me as ďKay,Ē (and hopefully Iíll stay in such form for a while, as I made sure to save all pertinent login info this time around) and I figured now would be as good a time as any to introduce myself. Many will find I lurk around these boards often and only post occasionally: when I feel I can share some knowledge, when someone hits a nerve, or, when I decide to throw in a shameless plug for whatever mud I happen to be playing at that particular time. Iíve been mudding for just about forever, so it seems. Iíve played at countless places, only calling two or three Ďhome;í those being games I loved and stayed with for more than a month. It seems I am the perpetual mud-hopper and it isnít too often a place catches my interest for an extended period of time (of course, once one does, youíre stuck with me for a while and probably wish you hadnít caught my fancy). I also made a hobby of working on muds quite a while ago, and am self taught in just about everything from building to hiring to PRing [I love to multitask]. Currently, Iím lacking a mud on which to work due to an extreme lack of time, and have been residing on a quaint WoT Mud called Village Green Ėwhich has an extreme lack of players ( †I donít like being alone! ) Alright, I think Iíve rambled quite enough for today. Hello all, and greetings!

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