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Hi. My name is F451. Got the name from Farenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. Heh, it just struck me how ironic that name is in relation with TMS.

Anyway... Been mudding for about 6 years and coding for 4. Started out at NannyMUD, which is a truly great mud for mortal play. It is a long time since I did something useful there though because my attention has been for another mud. Still, Nanny has a special place in my heart. It is home.

Consider this a hi and goodbye note. If you ask me, TMS have really... Well, there are no words for it. I decided it was enough when I for once wanted to vote in a poll that turned out to be locked because one guy thought another poll said it better. The two polls was about totally different things and both were locked. I have not been the 'spamming' type. I used to read the notes and reply if there was something I wanted to add. I was not all to happy about it, but I survived skimming through threads full of spam in case there might be something interesting. Sometimes there were, though more seldom then often. However, the flame war here is just too much. At the older TMS you could sense which people that were flamers and which people that were spammers, but was skilled with not showing it too much. So the later part managed to maintain respect and still bash the others. No matter what, the flames were not as bad as it is now. I fail to understand why some people appear to have such high respect by the majority of mudders here. All I see from them is flames, semantic warfare and the occassional attempt of forcing their values on everyone else because they happen to be able to do so.

It is these men that will determine the fate of TMS. They do not want this place to end, but if it does they want to be on top of the funeral pyre.

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