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Post Contacting MUD admins/wizards?

Hello Top Mud Sites Forum,

I was looking at a few muds, specifically from the LP mud code base, and noticed a number of them weren't active/had websites that were down. I was hoping to contact the admins/wizards of these worlds but was not having much luck tracking down their emails.

Would it be possible if anyone here (a moderator or even if someone knows their emails, or perhaps you own this world yourself), could let me know their contact details?

Here is the list of muds and their address':

-Water's Edge
-Vincent's Hollow
-United Dreams III
-Unholy Lands
-Timezone -
-War-Wracked Worlds
-The Sword of Qallion -
-The Mud Game
-The Land of Nasmark
-The Eternal Fantasy
-The Divided Lands
-Synergy –
-Tsunami -
-War of Gods –
-Ultimate Realms -
-starmud 4000
-Seasons of Almadyn
-Sanity's Edge
-Round Table
-Red Dragon
-Realms of Chaos
-Realms of Albion
-Realm of the Magi
-Reality's Edge
-Realms of the Dragon
-Nuclear War MUD
-No Man's Land
-Nightmare LPMud
-Mortal Remains
-Moral Decay
-Lost Wishes
-Legends Of Elanathia
-Imperial Expansion
-Haven both of them same
-Shattered realms
-Muddy Waters
-Tharsis Gate – PEOPLE AROUND
-UOSSMUD -Idle wizards
-VikingMUD - But everyone idle so emailed
-Gooey Mud
-Forgotten Paradigm
-Flaming Coast
-Final Realms
-Eternity's Edge
-Eternal Oasis
-Edi MUD
-Echoes of Future Past
-Forsaken Skies
-Dreamshadow: The Legacy of the Three
-Dragons Hoard
-Dragonheart Reborn
-Demons Of Time
-Demons Gate
-Daybreak Ridge 2
-Dark Rifts
-Clay Valley
-Broken World
-Aurora Sky
-Ancient Empires
-AinuMUD –
-Age of the Celts
-Age of Deities
-After the Plague
-A Midnight Fantasy
-7th Sign
-13 Kingdoms

If anyone is curious, I can explain as to what I had in mind (though as a hint, you will notice these muds are down and so was hoping to revive them in a different way).

Kind regards,

PS. It might be possible that the owners of these muds are long gone and are doing different things, but I was hoping that if it was possible to salvage these worlds (with their permission of course) in order to continue the adventure... Crazy idea but I feel the least I can do is ask.
PPS. I am not an admin in any other mud but do enjoy playing a mud I have always played since high school. Just wanted to help it out.

Last edited by Gorion : 01-23-2018 at 09:05 AM. Reason: added some more that I missed
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Re: Contacting MUD admins/wizards?

You may want to ask on the mud discord channel
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Re: Contacting MUD admins/wizards?

If one is pessimistic - and I am - I'd say they are all dead.
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