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They said it couldn't be done.  All the specializations, immortal given quest rewards, legacies, thief paths.  It just couldn't get any better at Carrionfields.  Well, color me wrong.  We now have 'Edges'.  Further proving that you NEVER know when you walk up to WARRIORGUY or MAGEGUY, what sort of tricks he/she will have up his sleeve.  Will they be an Ehren Soul, or a Master of Elemental Conjuring, or simply a very Lucky person.  You won't know..until you ask.  Or the more preferred method..attack..and find out.  Come out to Carrionfields and check out the best in a long list of recent additions on our official website and just see if you can resist logging in.  

Originally Posted by
'Help Edge'
Edges are specialization options open to all characters. They are generally
much lower in potence and importance than other class specialization choices,
such as a ranger's terrain, a warrior's specialization, and so on. Edges
grant a character advantages while using certain skills/spells/supplications
or under certain circumstances, but do not add new skills to a character's

A character may qualify to select a specific edge based on a number of
factors, including but not limited to their class, race, alignment, ethos,
proficiency level in a given ability, and permanent attributes such as
strength or intelligence.

Characters earn the right to choose additional edges through excelling in any
of several areas of play, including RP, PK, exploration, commerce, quest
participation, cabal activities, and so on. Quality characters of very
different types will earn the right to pick a good number of edges; a
character who excells in many areas of play (for example, a skilled
playerkiller also recognized for their exemplary roleplay) will have the most
opportunities to choose edges.
Thanks for your time.
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