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Edge of Creation :: MUD

Address: 5665

The Edge of Creation is a modified Smaug mud with a unique history and a large number of original areas, including the main city of the land and the newbie academy.

We have an extensive range of races and classes of all alignments, with many orders for players to join. There are 100 player levels, and we offer a choice between single classing with specialized subclasses at level 20 or multiclassing with up to three classes. We are very newbie friendly, but offer much for experienced players, as well. The IMMS are friendly and are always open to questions and suggestions. Roleplaying is encouraged and rewarded.

Features include, but are not limited to:
* Subclasses at level 20, each class splits into 3 meaning 33 classes.
* Hundreds of areas to explore. Over half are unique to EoC
* Deities with a background, history and purpose.
* Players may buy, and customize houses. Add rooms, furniture, doors and many other configurations.
* Player backgrounds to show where your character comes from, what equipment they begin with, and even special skills they can learn..
* Five types of money. Copper, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Mithril.
* Many new areas unique to Edge of Creation including the Academy and Portal City.
* 100 Levels to advance through.
* Over 740 skills open to players.
* Questmasters give out over 120 programmed quests and infinate random.
* Armor has sizes which match to character sizes.
* Past level 50 you can advance your statistics past the old maximums.
* Player controlled clan ranks.
* Twohanded weapons.
* Specfic weapon skills.
* How good you are with a weapon is rated on your base adept and also your adept in skills, expert, master and grandmaster of that weapon.
* Spellcasters have apprentice, adept and master rating in various skills that grant faster casting, cheaper spells, extra mana and more.
* Donation rooms now have keepers to separate items and keep track of levels.
* Customizable color code. Don't want chat to be the normal cyan? Change it, and anything else, to whatever color you want.
* Multiclassing has been added. Either two or three classes at character creation. Multiclassed characters cannot subclass.
* Experience for rooms explored. Gain experience simply by walking around and exploring new areas!

Come try us out and make us your new MUD home! 5665

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