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I'm looking for a job on a MUD as an RP admin, either as head or as part of an RP team. What I'm looking for is a MUD with an extensive race selection, not just from human to dwarf. I'd like for there to be races such as dragons, demons, vampires, werewolfs and such, something to add a little dark flavour to the RP. While I wish for a decent assortment of races, I'm not looking for something that only has humans from "different nations" and I'm also not looking for a place where all the races have unpronounceable names, and where there are no helpfiles or descriptions of the races in chargen.

I'm really looking for something fantasy based, though I would work on a starwars MUD and also on a Dragonball MUD. I'm not looking for something of STOCK Smaug and I'm not looking for something basic with a new name lapped on it. I would greatly enjoy working on something that is unique to the mudding community.

I'm also not looking for somewhere that "Roleplay is encouraged" when infact there is no RP on the MUD at all. I'm looking for somewhere with a nicely established background and a good selection of roleplayers. I'm not looking for somewhere that openened within the last month, because those places seem to have a habit of closing down in a few days or weeks.

Alot of classes would always be appreaciated, as would a decently sized world or grid. Color would also be nice, though not so much color that it looks like walt disney got high on LSD then started making room descriptions...I'm not interested in a rainbow, I'm interested in something that is pleasing to the eye and won't blind me after 5 seconds.

Something with detail would be good, as I myself write detailed descriptions for things.

If you think your MUD would be suited for me, and you need an RP Immortal please do not post here as I will not be checking this again, either contact me at the email supplied, or find me on AIM.

AIM - earthdagger1
Email -
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