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Basically you have to be willing to ban people that don't fit the playstyle you're looking for.

That means, you won't have the numbers. That means you won't have 500 players on line. But hopefully, what it also means, is that you will have a group of people that -really enjoy- playing your game in the vision that you have for it. In fact, I've found that most fanatical supporters of muds tend to be of those who play games with strict rp standards. It's the same old quantity over quality debate that we go over time and time again.

Are you willing to be happy with 20 people logged on at peak times? Then by all means, be restrictive. It's made my mudding experience so much more enjoyable overall.

Once you look at your mudding experience beyond the 'game' and look at the story, accepting anyone who tries to make a character will not work. Plain and simple. Some say that's elitest. *shrug* I don't think that's a bad thing.
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I found this posting from the begining a bit amusing. For the main fact that no matter what you do there is always going to be stuff like that happening guys. If I got killed and I had 10 friends that were in my same clan I would deff ask for them to go after them for revenge. If you decided to make it so they can only use in char stuff then you have them rping it out which gives the same results only it's not illegal. There is no 100% way to silence the chit-chat amongst players, in fact I encourage it, the more people you know and become friends with the less you will have to worry about. Unless your character which unlikely is the opposite of how you act. I also see taking out certain channels like ooc is a bad idea, because alot of players I know on my mud love to use ooc like in all RoT, RoM, Circle, and various other coded rpg's.
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Keljorian, I don't want to make assumptions, it is just that your post got me thinking that many might not know what this thread is about. I am not picking on you, just trying to show how things are in an RPI Mud.

Originally Posted by
If I got killed and I had 10 friends that were in my same clan I would deff ask for them to go after them for revenge.
In the kind of a mud this thread is about permadeath is the typical way to go. You die, you are dead. No ghost remains to tell anyone of the passing. Playing by the rules, you are to keep the death a secret of anyone who did not witness it IC.

Leaving the RPI Mud for a moment, lets think we are playing in a pkill mud where characters that die get deleted. Would you think it right to e-mail, message or phone all your friends to get on-line and destroy the bastard who killed your guy? I hope not.

That is what the OOC cheating is about. It happens outside the mud.

In the RPI Mud things cut deeper and get more complicated. There are so many ways to destroy a character, other than just killing. Imagine that you had done something really embarrassing or even criminal, in real life. You've moved to the other side of the world, dyed your hair, gained 20 kg, grown a moustache, you know perhaps that the only witness to your deed is dead. Suddenly, a total stranger appears and tells everyone what you did. You know this person cannot know this by any natural means. What would you make of it?

In the RPI Mud there is a slight chance that this improbable person did find out IC. Maybe visited the site of the deed, maybe there was another witness. Maybe. Unfortunately, more likely it is either the next character of the dead witness or someone that player talks to via ICQ, e-mail, phone etc.

It really does leave a bitter taste in the mouth. Cheating cannot be a good thing in any game.

I wish I had the eloquence to put it in words. The RPI Mud is a very different game from the majority of muds. It is experiencing another world through the eyes and thoughts of another person that your imagination gave birth to, one who is native to it. It is exciting, joyful, frustrating, sad or any other human emotion possible. It is roleplaying at its best. Experiencing things without putting your real self in danger.
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