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Old 08-22-2004, 05:59 PM   #1
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Amnon is on a distinguished road
Everyone go please and read the "review" for my mud... Go ahead, it doesn't bite... But I'm sure you'll get a nice laugh out of this post (summary at the end of the page).

Now, if you read it, you should know that the player's main complain is that there isn't any rule enforcing, right? Well! Excellent! I just happened to have logged our recent conversation so you'll know what he's complaining about (He's Equinox, complaining about deveral):

Equinox tells you 'Is it considered harrasement for Deveral to attack and destroy everything I own that was only lumberyards and mines with no defenses present?'.

You tell Equinox 'Are you affiliated with Demise and co?'.

***Demise's alliance is at war with deveral's, all rules are off

Equinox tells you 'I am not apart of their alliance.'.
You tell Equinox 'Did you act like one, though?'.
Equinox tells you 'Nope.'.
Equinox tells you 'Iwas apart of them two days ago, but not any longer.'.

***So he WAS part of their alliance only a couple days ago...

You tell Equinox 'And you say your base was defenseless?'.
Equinox tells you 'Yep.'.
Equinox tells you 'Nothing but mines and armories.'.

***It is illegal to attack a newbie base (less than 5 play hours or obviously a defenseless player)

*** Ok, up until that point, I was on his side... I sent a tell to Deveral asking him why he did it, and he told me that just last night, Equinox joined his alliance, then betrayed him, stealing all his stuff and blowing his base up. Soo....

You tell Equinox 'He says you blew his base up yesterday'.
Equinox tells you 'Yep.'.
You tell Equinox '... and you just... forgot to mention it to me?'.
Equinox tells you 'But he also had defenses..'.
You tell Equinox 'So???'.
You tell Equinox 'If a newbie attacks you, you're free to attack back'.
You tell Equinox 'And you attacked him alright'.
Equinox tells you 'Oh.. thats the rule now?'.
You tell Equinox 'Always has been'.
Equinox tells you 'Yep, alright.'.
You tell Equinox 'Ask anyone'.
Equinox tells you 'Dont need to.'.
Equinox tells you 'Your the law here.'.

***Ask any player on the game, that's how it's always been... And may I remind all the readers that that player JUST got back from a few days banning for killing 3 newbies, one over 5 times, and I only let him back because he begged me to saying he'll be good and that everyone deserves a second chance.

You tell Equinox 'Come on, you don't believe I'll consider your complaint when you blew him up just yesterday??!'.
Equinox tells you 'And aparently Deveral does enough ass kissing to get away with cheating, killing newbies, and his own intensive swearing which are all your major rules.'.
Equinox tells you 'But, thats not my business..'.
You tell Equinox 'Until someone bothers to give me a log, I can't do ****'.
Equinox tells you 'ROFLMAO!'.
You tell Equinox 'All I hear you say is that you have logs, but I never see any'.
Equinox tells you 'Dude, honestly, I will call that simply pathetic.'.
Equinox tells you 'He has done nothing but attack newbies all #### day.'.

***At this point, I went over his kills for the day, and the previous ones, and showed him how every person he killed was killable - not a newbie, with base defenses. He, of course, didn't agree... One player, for example:

You tell Equinox 'Vinesta'.
Equinox tells you 'Vinesta is newbie.'.
You tell Equinox 'Not according to his flamespitter count'.
You tell Equinox 'and 19 hours isn't newbie'.

***Flamespitters being the strongest defenses in the game... and Vinseta had a lot according to the logs at the time he was attacked. And he had 19 play hours, which is very reasonable.

Equinox tells you '*laughs*'.
Equinox tells you 'Amazing.. Alright, clearly there is no way of using the rules.. I'll just simply stop.'.
You tell Equinox 'He didn't break any!'.
Equinox tells you 'Yep, and I'm jesus.'.

***At this point, I was starting to get upset.

Equinox tells you 'And Deveral both as Rashin and as Deveral have broken so many #### rules since I've been here.. Which is only three weeks.'.
Equinox tells you '####, Rashin was the first prick to base wipe me when Ihad no defenses when I first ****ing started.'.
You tell Equinox 'If the sort of rule breaking you mean is like what you just told me, I'm not gonna listen'.
Equinox tells you 'And yet no one does anything..'.
You tell Equinox 'Nobody tells me when/what he does, so I can't authenticate it when you tell it to me three weeks later!'.
Equinox tells you 'But yet you will ban me for what?'.
Equinox tells you 'Writing a note?'.

***The thing that got him his last ban was writing a public note (After a whole lot of whining, swearing on public channels, and spamming) about me not doing anything against people who attack him... although this being a full PK Mud, and him having no special reason not to be attacked, nothing he said was remotely justified.

You tell Equinox 'I'll ban you for whining about stuff you didn't help me do!'.
Equinox tells you 'ROFLMAO!'.
You tell Equinox 'If you always whine about him breaking the rules, REPORT HIM WHEN HE DOES'.
Equinox tells you 'And you won't ban rule breakers.. Alright.'.
Equinox tells you 'Thats just logical as ####.'.
You tell Equinox 'Right now, I have no, 0, NADA evidence of him doing ANYTHING wrong'.

***He kept arguing, saying Deveral cheats and I know it... blahblahblah...

You tell Equinox 'And I'll ban you for whining about something you didn't help stop'.
Equinox tells you 'Your rule enforcement is almost as pathetic as LothlorienMUD.'.
You tell Equinox 'I'm not GOD, I'm not all-knowing. People have to TELL me for me to fix stuff'.
You tell Equinox 'You never bothered to tell me, what does that make you?'.
You tell Equinox 'You think I can psychicly know what you want'.
Equinox tells you 'Not about to waste my time telling you.'.
You tell Equinox 'Exactly'.

***End of conversation.

So now, boys and girls, what do we see here? On the one hand, he goes out and writes a review about the lacking rule enforcement... and on the other, he asks me to deal with players who he claims offended him ... 3 weeks ago? And his reason for not telling me about it?

Equinox tells you 'Not about to waste my time telling you.'.

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Old 08-22-2004, 06:55 PM   #2
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gth is on a distinguished road
I have alot of sympathy for those who have to deal with dorks - I've been an immortal for over 3 years (not a drop in the ocean compared to some folks around here) and there are ALWAYS dorks who thrive on the attention.

The unfortunate problem with reviews and rebuttals here is it quickly begins to sound like a bad soap opera - even though your problem player brought it to TMS in the first place.  

My advice is to be *brief* with such dorks.  The moment you found his complaint was baseless, state your reason and cease communication on the subject.  He raises a prior incident, ask for a log.  No log? Then cease communication on that subject too.

ALL regular players of MUDs (especially those who complain loudly) know about logging and that it is the first thing any admin asks for when investigating a problem.  I have no time or patience for someone who knows how to log, but doesn't send me one.

It's one thing to send a polite message - 'I don't have a log, but you may want to keep an eye on Devistatesman because he killed my defenceless base yesterday.' ...but quite another to expect an immediate and harsh response without proof.

[edited typo]
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Old 08-22-2004, 10:42 PM   #3
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I've never played your mud and don't know your rules, but you've mentioned in your post that it is a rule that you cannot attack newbies, as measured by a play time of less than 5 hours.  Now wouldn't you spend a great deal less time enforcing these kinds of rules if the game enforced them automatically?  There may be similar rules that can be hard coded which nicely sidesteps the issue over quibbling over manual enforcement.
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Old 08-23-2004, 02:47 AM   #4
Join Date: May 2002
Posts: 140
Amnon is on a distinguished road
When I tried enforcing them code-wise, people would recreate just for the newbie time and attack people or use their characters to spy on enemy bases, and they'll be invincable...

Oh, by the way, it seems as though SOMEONE couldn't keep away from the Mud, and he just HAAAD to log in again... he even wrote mt a nice little note talking about "your inability to effectivly ban someone from your own establishment." and that "I've put you to shame, over and over again with completly disrespectful connections to your server without any regard to you and/or Assault: High Tech War."

Hey, that makes HIM look more mature

I remember that the first time he got banned, he was screaming that he was an adult and that he is allowed to swear as much as he wants if he wants to...
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