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I typed this up in a flash. It's just a small plot idea that I liked when I looked back on it. For the curious, the designation means: A = Alpha Sector, 6713 = The order the world was discovered in, IE, the 6713th world they discovered, F = Star Class (No idea what this actually is yet. ), and M = Planet Class.

Hope you like it.


Report on World A-6713FM(Mataulgurhh),
Submitted by Admiral F. Regrat of the SAFCA scouting fleet.

Mataulgurhh is a metal-rich world on the inner plane of the galaxy, which supports a unique type of life. While all of it is carbon-based, the majority takes advantage of the rich amounts of iron, nickel, aluminum, titanium, and other metals that are found in their world. They use special biological processes to deposit injested metallic atoms in various ways, from the deadly-sharp claws of the native sentient predator, the Gaurh, to tough plates of slowly-built armor on a herd beast-like animal, to the various plantlife that increase toughness of their roots, trunks, and even leaves by distribution of metals. Most magnificent are the immense irongaurh trees, which actually use a complex "alloy" of iron, titanium, aluminum, and carbon. These monsters grow to touch the outer vacuum of the world, albeit slowly, and when it finally reaches the end of it's natural life time, the event is one worth seeing, as the tree groans, shifts, and crashes to the earth, pulverizing the life in a long line, and breaking it's trunk to release the stored seeds within for a new tree to eventually grow. These trees are worshipped loyally by the Gaurh, even through their continuing technological development, and when a tree does finally break, wonderous and prized weapons are created from the heartwood of the trunk. This cycle takes thousands of years, mind, and the last felling was an artificial cutting by unknowing aliens.

Flying life, beyond small insects, never evolved on Mataulgurhh. One inspiration to spark sentience was replaced by the irongaurh trees. Thus, instead of the desire to fly, the desire to be tallest, curiously, became the main ultimate dream in Gaurh society. A rapid natural selection is thus occuring, favoring tall Gaurh over small ones. Fortunately or unfortunately, the Gaurh bodyframe was not designed to be as tall as it has become, and the strength of the Gaurh has decreased, resulting in increased reliance on less laborous living, such as automated factory work, scientific and inventive studies, philosophy, and religion. Thus, the Gaurh are expected to eventually, and rather rapidly, develop FTL spacedrive technology. The SAFCA eagerly awaits permission to initiate first contact with this strange people.
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