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Old 05-20-2006, 11:47 AM   #1
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I am seeking a mud to call home. This place must be totally free. I am looking for a non-RP required, non-PK required mud with a decent playerbase. Some place that has a lot if interaction. A MUD where grouping can be done but not necessary for advancement. I also always appreciate good auto-quest code.


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Legends of Karinth - RP is not required; advancement is quite possible solo. PK is pretty much non-existent outside arenas. Quests are all over the map, both in terms of complexity and dispersion. Some folks find the place addictive...
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barto is on a distinguished road

Thanks Fern, I will give it a look.

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shadowfyr will become famous soon enough
Another possibility is Ages of Despair:

There is an RP "society", but sadly the lack of places to do so has left it mostly dead. Its definitely not manditory. Some restrictions have recently been listed on the type and number of guests one can have in player built houses that might increase participation a bit, however its still limited to who gets invited while you and they are logged in, so...

Quests... There are a number of them and new ones get added on occation. Some paranoia occured for a while, since some items may be quest related, so people avoided talking about "any" items. lol This was resolved with more clear details on just what sort of info about items could be shared. Some quests do require groups, usually due to mob sizes being so huge that getting through the quest without help is inpractical. In fact... I can only think of one player than might have ever solved one of the nastier ones without help, and I think he only took down a powerful, but smaller one you need to get past "before" attacking the main target. About 80% of them are solvable alone, I should know, I did most of them alone. A few I just can't figure out right yet. Maybe 4-5 of them I know I can't get at alone, not including two I have done in a group so far.

However, the quests are limited to pre-scripted ones for specific areas right now. We haven't gotten a staff member with the time or interest of making short term quests of the type some muds have and the design of the mud, with the size of some mobs, would make it potentially impractical in many cases.

Interaction.. Not sure what this means. Some mobs interact, most don't. Players do in groups and on channels, but not much in game outside of groups. There are exploration points (no one apparently has "ever" found all of them, for doing specific things in specific areas, but they are few, far between and designed to randomly delay notice, so you can't really tell what you did to get them. (Makes no sense to me, but...)

Grouping isn't manditor. I managed to buy my initial house (one room and chest) for 175,000 gold in the first month working alone, and hundreds of rooms since (10,000 each room, 25,000 per chest, the later of which I have 15-16). This would be harder now, since they fixed some bugs in the repopulation code for animals in one newbie area and shops are now more realistic. While they occationally reset their inventories, before they do the price each individual shop will buy and item for falls as their shop gets more and more cluttered with useless junk. But I definitely managed most of my adventuring carrier on my own. Getting good EQ, a lot more money and "fast" advancement does require some cooperative work though. You can buy things others auction, or offer up on sales, but such things are bound to be in the millions of coins, if they are worth anything. Its generally faster to win them in the coin toss after a battle.

As for PK. There is a combat arena, which you don't actually die in, one tower and a single city (both the later of which have warning signs posted), which are PK. And there is the PK society, whose members can attack "other members" freely any place. Otherwise its illegal in all other parts of the game.
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barto is on a distinguished road
Thanks Shadowfyr, I will check it out.

Actually I am still reading at the Legends of Karinth website. LoK being a custom mud, alot is new and interesting about that mud.
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