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The best on i have seen so far came today on my mud!

Originally Posted by
Thank you for flying Demon Airlines, please die again!
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gecho Someone say's "This new spell kicks ***"

player say's "can i have it"

gecho Someone hops around like a bunny rabbit and say's "only if you can follow the white rabbit"

player say's "where is it?"

gecho Rabbit say's "in my hole"

player say's "ok"
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Got bored once and echoed this in Smaug emote color:

A voice in your head says 'I saw that. Don't ever do that again!'

Sad thing is quite a few of the players on at the time started chating and ooc'ing stuff like "I promise I won't do it...." "It was an accedent!" "Everyone else is doing it..."
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global> The drake lord says : suck Cow Evil doer

Boon fools with your bits and peices.
Aothacos gossips 'Good lord that is wrong'

global> I now decree that stupid people must die. If you are stupid, please die now.
global> Thank you.
Jance gossips 'You hear Jance's death cry'

The sun rises in the north.

global> The drake lord says : every one will die
global> The drake lord says : for no apparent reason

Gretan quotes 'Welcome to Feudal Realms. Please do not feed the Ancients.'
global> Dionae cons you into feeding her. Mwahaha.

global> Moeve question 'I'm not here. This is a cleverly disguised gecho composed by one of our far superior immortals BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA'

The drake lord says : oh yeah I forgot I was gonna kill you all
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Lord Vasyelu, the Vampire, appears from a puff of smoke.
(collective heart attack)

Edo tells you: are you interested in being an imm? You would make a good one.
(edo is bombarded with tells to be an imm)
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Tian chats 'ugh..A reboot is coming..'
Smactus chats 'whats an reboot ??'
Shaolong chats 'we're all gonna die ,man ! all of us !'
Tian chats 'dont be scaring newbies,Shao..Its just a reboot'
Conran chats 'no Tian ! Shao's right ! We decided to kill you all today !!
Conran shouts 'die all ! Mwahahahaa !!!

You are forced from these realms,as immortals decided to kill you all ...
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We are whacked on Seasons of Almadyn..

[admin] The Mojo: 40 real days = 1 year
[admin] Kaa: that's cool
[admin]: Grey goes 'oh'.
[admin] Grey: lcool
[admin]: Grey behr
[admin]: Grey goes 'Bah!'.
[admin]: Grey goes 'Aha!'.
[admin] Kaa: so what you're trying to tell us, is that it was good rum?
[admin] The Mojo: Grey, can you come up with 7 daynames and 10 monthnames ?
[admin] The Mojo: +please
[admin]: Grey roff

[gossip] Aballister: do you class the jellybeans as dinner1 or dinner2?
[gossip] Kaa: normally, jellybeans are 'snack', the mysterious half-meal
that can appear at any time of day

[gossip] Grey: They were just very unique.
[gossip] Kaa: I don't know if unique is the best trait in breasts.. was
one larger than the other? or were the nipples larger than the breasts
themselves? or were both nipples on one breast?
[gossip]: Xerlic wonders about Kaa.
[gossip] Grey: Um..they were just cool, ok?

[gossip] Aballister: Im hungry
[gossip] Grey: code a burger
[gossip] Aballister: that doesnt work
[gossip] Kaa: with cheese, and bacon
[gossip] Grey: for you
[gossip] Aballister: I need something real
[gossip] Grey: code it in notepad and print it out
[gossip] Zeta: or clone it
[gossip] Kaa: inherit food, and set doses to 2.. so you have some to eat later.

[gossip] Azhure: anyone got some time to help me out doing some web
searching send me a tell
[gossip] Kaa: oh, it's easy.. just enter the words "hardcore wombat porn"
for the search parameter

[swe] Aballister: hmm, how to say, thanks for letting me fondle your
[swe] Lustrous: haha
[swe] Serenity: Tack för att du låter mig smeka dina bröst
[swe] Xerlic: Make sure you get this logged Aballister, this is important.
[swe] Aballister: I know
[swe]: Serenity grins.

[gossip] Aballister: where did grey go?
[gossip] Kaa: he's currently existing on another plane.. washed ashore on
an ocean of wine, blown by a marijuana breeze. you'd better just leave a
message with his secretary until he comes back
[gossip] Aballister: ah
[gossip] Kaa: either that, or he fell asleep in the bathroom
[gossip]: Kaa shrugs.

[sex]: Aballister looks for something to slurp.
[sex]: Grey goes 'Uhhh...'.
[sex]: Aballister laughs.
[sex] Grey: Just don't do that ever again.
[sex] Aballister: dont type last sex then
[sex] Grey: ah jeez

[driver] Kaa: vroom, vroom
[driver]: Kaa swerves.

[gossip] Xerlic: So I'm go to the mall today with the intention of buying
Brood Wars.
[gossip]: Grey nods.
[gossip] Xerlic: I walk around with 2 of my buddies...we eat dinner...go
into Abercrombie and Fitch and start humping the mannequins...go into the
bookstore, I pick up a manga.
[gossip] Xerlic: Then we leave...

[gossip]: Aballister parries and counter-strikes with a low slash to
Multani's stomach.
[gossip]: Multani didn't need his stomach anyway.

[gossip]: Grey is armed with an "I won't smoke" stress ball.
[gossip] Grey: I went out to the relay for life, I showed up smoking a
cigarette and they gave me hell

[gossip] Xerlic: Hahaha, Grey showed up for the relay for life smoking a
[gossip] Xerlic: That's awesome.

[gossip] Kaa's clone: I'm going to have to vaccuum tomorrow. I'm eating
raisin bran from the box, just because I want the sugar-covered raisins..
[gossip] Kaa's clone: and those darned bran flakes keep escaping
[gossip] Kaa's clone: they don't even taste good
[gossip] Aballister: damn those bran flakes
[gossip] Kaa's clone: that's what I'm saying
[gossip] Aballister: only good flakes are frosted flakes
[gossip] Kaa's clone: yeah, agreed
[gossip] Kaa's clone: enough sugar makes anything better

[gossip] Grey: is it possible to better than Tool?
[gossip] Aballister: what do you mean?
[gossip] Grey: nevermind, was a silly question

Heh, log on, we have TONS (i can't accentuate that word more) on SoA!
Port: 4000

Hope to see you soon!
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