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Old 05-11-2006, 10:38 AM   #161
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Join Date: Apr 2002
Home MUD: Carrion Fields
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Carrion Fields
telnet: port 9999

1. Theme: Medieval fantasy.

2. FOCUS OF THE MUD : Roleplaying and PvP.

- Finely-tuned PvP and PvE combat with a large variety among characters. Race/class-based character generation where every choice is viable and offers a unique set of advantages and disadvantages.
- Enforced roleplay with player-run organizations (cabals, thieves' guilds, more), religions, and ongoing quests and stories. All characters eventually die, meaning leadership positions rotate frequently and can be earned by new players.
- A huge world comprised entirely of areas written expressly for Carrion Fields. Hundreds of automated quests ranging from those aimed at new players, to those that remain fully or partially unsolved to this day.
- Diverse experience-based advancement system incorporating combat, quests, roleplay, commerce, exploration, observation, skill advancement, and more.
- Highly interactive staff of 30+ members, all of whom (except the founder) were recruited from the playerbase, with over 200 years of collective experience as staff and even more as players. Rewards for exceptional RP are given out every day, ranging from small boosts of experience or recognition up through skills custom-coded for the rewardee.
- A high level of challenge well-suited for keeping the interest of the most veteran player. A deep help system (both automated and staff-run) to help you get there.
- Code and areas are typically updated every day in some fashion. Development has not slept during our 12+ years of operation.

4. STATUS: Open since April 1994, fully functional.
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Old 05-16-2006, 07:46 PM   #162
Join Date: Feb 2006
Location: On Dragonball Evolution
Home MUD: Dragonball Evolution
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Dragonball Evolution


PK, Questing and Roleplaying


*17 unique races
*Over 100 skills to learn that can upgrade as you level and transformation
*Fast paced PK system that has multiple PK zones and rewards
*Original Questmaster system
*Over 50 other quests that involve multiple steps to complete
*Almost unlimited amount of levels to gain
*Over 12,000 original rooms that spread across 7 planets, heaven, hell and outer space
*An advanced scouter system
*Gambling that includes slot machines, craps, ring toss and the squirt gun game
*Pet system that is similar to the way it's done in Pokemon
*Unique inventory system
*Multiple types of bonus gains earned from fighting and using your skills
*Unique sparring system
*And a list of equipment so large that you WILL find a set you love

Opened in July of 2002 and planned to stay open for well over 10 years. Currently the longest running Dragonball MUD online and it will stay that way.

Port: 1874
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