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Re: Crafting: How does it work at your favorite game?

Originally Posted by camlorn View Post
Threshold, I've been wanting to ask, and this seems as good a place as any: are there any logs of crafting on Threshold? I found a youtube video, but I'm blind so that doesn't help. I think you once said it was an alternative combat system of some sort, and I'd really like to see...
I will ask one of our crafters to create one.

I don't have an actual crafting character right now. Sad I know, but we have a full time lead developer on Threshold now and that means I don't have to do everything and code everything.

Until then, I'd suggest making a character on Threshold and trying it out. You can go right into the crafters guild as a new player (once you finish heritage - follow this tutorial video) .
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Re: Crafting: How does it work at your favorite game?

Originally Posted by camlorn View Post
So, what MOO is this? That sounds fun, and I'm curious.

It -is- an RP enforced MOO, with most RP and plots and conflict player-driven -i t's not really a "go and hunt mobs then sit with your pals in the bar" type of RP MU*, RP is the raison-d'etre of the game and all the coded structures - as complex as they are - were built with that in mind. Combat, fatigue, faction reputation, 3d flight, sniping, crafting, forensics, parkour etc. is all there to allow the freedom to experience tense RP and find your own solutions and ways to reach your goals. Basically it's an RPI MOO built by people who think as many things as reasonably possible need to actually happen and have tangible effects rather than be emoted and accepted by consensus.

If you do plan to play, plan to be in character and you'll likely need to find someone to work for (surgical theatres, garages and drug labs don't grow on trees and common sense goes a long, long, long, long, loooong way). I guess the cheapest crafting to get into would be improvised explosives (pipes, fuel cans, ammo and bottles is basically all you need) or gunsmithing (ballistics toolbelt and maybe gun cleaning supplies). But the easier something is to get into, the less demand there is for it typically.

I don't know if it's your bag, but there it is.

If you haven't been scared off:

Basic newbie guide here: Newbie Guide - TheMind
IC Wiki here: Withmore City - TheMind (actually accessible in-game via a hologram that reads off the page, hooray for web i/o and sockets)
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Re: Crafting: How does it work at your favorite game?

AtonementRPI has a pretty extensive crafting system- almost all of the equipment that the PCs use is PC crafted.

Armageddon has a large scale crafting system, although it can be kind of a process to figure out what all you can do and not do. The big part here is the merchant houses- in which characters vie for power and economic prestige across the game world. Probably the game in which the economic-political aspect is the most developed.
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