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Before I begin, I would like to say that I am a player taking it amongst myself to advertise. ^.^ Basically, I am trying to add a greater dynamic to CS by intergrating more characters into the base from different backgrounds and styles.

Cybersphere is essentially a cyberpunk/futuristic MOO themed around America (and the rest of the world) in a dark future. Unlike most other games I have played, the admin and playerbase sticks rigoriously to the theme.

We have all heard how games are open to endless possibilities for their players, but honestly this is the FIRST game that I have seen live up to that. With Cybersphere, with a little time and dedication, you can do pretty much everything from make your own corporation to building a nuclear bomb and trying to wipe out the entire playerbase.. it just takes alot of time, patiances, and gameplay spent establising yourself.

Cybersphere has an huge amount of vehicles from planes (with a sky system), heavy vehicles, cars, hovercrafts, and bikes.

The combat system is highly developed allowing a wide range of weapons from bricks to bats to swords to rocket launchers as well as range of non-weapon combat skills.

Every skill that appears in chargen is used. Which unlike many M**s I've seen where you would create your character and come out of chargen with skills that really unused in the game.

In terms of archtypes, you can be anything from a small time drug dealer to a corporate executive (given you prove your skill rping).

For those who do not like combat, you can be a non-combative character like a doctor, ammo maker, bar tender, anything in possible-- but it truly goes down to those who are willing to stick around to make it happen. You DONT NEED TO PK to have fun.

So what I guess I would love to see a wider variety of players on the game in terms of OOC backgrounds because that would give the game itself a new life.

You can learn more about Cybersphere at the following places: (Official Site) (TopMudSites) (MudConnector)
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