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ASSAULT: High Tech War
Telnet Connection

Grab your pistols and throw them out the door - You don't need real guns anymore to shoot stuff, there's ASSAULT: High Tech War! (Ain't I a poet)

A brief description of the Mud:

You are a soldlier, general and builder in one. Design your own military base, upgrade and defend it, develoop technologies and use them to destroy other players.

You can be a one-man army, or join forces with other players to create Alliances. The world is huge, housing millions of rooms in a giant ASCII Map, where every room is potential building territory for you.

With over 130 building types split into 9 technology trees, each specializing in its own fields of offense, defense, or what's in between, the options are limitless - From using tanks and other land vehicles to planting nukes, hacking bases or using superweapons. The world is always changing and you determine how!

ASSAULT: High Tech War features:

* A giant ASCII Map housing millions, yes, millions of rooms.
* Over 130 building types to construct, split into 9 tech trees. Superweapons, labs, traps, everything you need...
* Dozens of attack methods: Bombs, hand-held weapons, vehicles, aircrafts, superweapons, offensive buildings, computer hacking, spying....
* Get some friends over and team up - create alliances and become a force to be reckon with.
* 17 classes, and not in the normal class sense. Classes take work to attain and are (rather) easily changed. Each class provides a bonus in a certain field of the game.
* 11 Skills to advance in - I know 11 sounds stupid, but there are no spells or repeating skills that just do the same thing with more damage - each skill is completely unique and serves it sown purpose, from helping you upgrade your base to helping you handle bombs without blowing yourself up.
* 100% Pure PK - There are no mobs, only people to kill.
* Minigames and tournaments - Paintball, team paintball, pit (free for all arena), NUKEM (The radio-active version of Hot Potato), and yes, trivia too... sometimes...
* Use of MXP, MCCP and MSP protocols for enhanced Mudding experience.

And probably a whole lot more...

So, sounds interesting?
ASSAULT: High Tech War
Telnet Connection
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