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Re: Creating an economy

Originally Posted by Javen View Post
Here are some examples of some money sinks:

* Quests requiring a certain amount to continue with the task at hand. This is offset by quest rewards and items that may be resold.
* Fees associated with NPC services and tasks.
* Fees associated with travel and convenience.
* Crafting, often requiring an initial investment and a continued chance of failure. Items may be crafted at a loss to increase crafting skill.
* Auction House Taxes
* 'Luxury' items sold at high prices
* 'Rare Collectables' which have no in-game value.
* Item degradation: items may have a small chance to degrade or break when used, repairing or replacement cost time and/or money
*Selling items to NPC "pawnbrokers" who resell them to other players at a substantial markup.
*Buying food, potions and supplies from the game that will be consumed during play

To achieve effective moneyflow/moneysink ratios youll need proper monitoring of the money in the game and a strong and explicit player feedback system.
dont forget that a major sink can be made by putting a monetary cost along with an XP cost on things like leveling and training skills!
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Re: Creating an economy

That would not improve economic stability, new players would then be priced out of the market for essential virtual goods and services needed to play the game. The idea is to make the money sink dynamic, only taking money away from the people who have access of it.
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