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To make voting a bit more fun, and let other games have a slight chance to actually be near the top of the list some new vote system could be used.

Personally i think it would have been fun to have a system where the winner each "turn" (15 days i think it is) got the winning votes set to negative votes for the next turn. Or a percentage of the votes. Could perhaps be the same for the top 10 sites.

Kind of boring to always see the same muds at the winning position, over and over.

Give the other games a handicap so the voting system become more fun
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It would be a rather dubious sort of "fun" for most people.  What is the fun of voting if your vote is meaningless?

Now, what you could do is have a system where voting trends are magnified, such that growth is rewarded, and consistent growth is rewarded even more; and decline and consistent decline are punished to even greater degrees.  That way, new muds would have a better chance to get noticed.  The system would also call attention to consistent growth in an established muds, indicating that those muds are not simply living on past successes.  Dead and dying muds would be pushed to the bottom.

Purposely fluctuating in voting efforts (to get on the top every so often rather than maintaining an average position) would be punished, since their temporary successes would be demagnified by the checks for consistency and their failures would be demagnified less so than their successes.

All that is how it would benefit the voting process.  Here is how it would benefit the site itself:

1) Mud owners would be rewarded for entering their mud into the database for the first time and for doing so as early as possible.

2) Mud owners would also be rewarded for removing poor quality muds until such time the mud can be brought up to standards (since consistent decline is punished more so than a one-time decline).

3) The expected returns for advertising on the site would increase, and so people would be more likely to do so.
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