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Old 05-28-2002, 05:24 PM   #1
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Please READ.....................ALL YOU ANTI-EP.2 bitchs!

All you so called Starwars Episode II cridects out there think you know how to make a movie, well why dont u try, u all sound like a bunch of whinny pricks, not satisfid because the movie was not made to ur standerd. Well all you jerks got to see that it is a good movie, yes i myself will be the first one to argee that it is at time's blown a bit out, with some hollywood line like Mace Windo---"The Partys Over" yes why would a wise jedi master windo say something like that it blows my mind too, but u have too look past this, you could sit here all day debating this movie picking it to shreads, cause thats what all of you are doing. You call your self starwars fans but u dont know anything about starwars, i was reading over all your squabble and read in some ones forum "Yoda should not have used a lightsaber to fight it should have been his powers with the force" If u know anything about starwars u would know Jedi are not allowed to use there power to attack, only defence, there for he could not defeat Sith Lord Dooku.

Most of this anger is point mostly to Alastair, Has anyone read this guys *####* cause thats what is is. Come on man u think u have what it takes to make a better movie then lucus, u say he has gone down hill, this is not true, holleywood science fiction has changed, there for he had to change with it, making it for a wider addence, putting in the charater growth and humor, hey i dont like it etheir but i see past it. And your bit about how the Jedi counsel should have see past the sith shroued and caught on to Lord Sideius plan, well thats the way it happend before lucas even made the first 3 movies, Coresant as to fall to the sith lord, and the clonewars was just a way to get him the power he needed, and like Windo and Yoda say many times, which i think u chould even pick up on it, is that they dont know much about the sith they have been gone fer a long time, so they dont know what to look for. And what is this #### about Obi-Wan being a bad master; Ewan McGregor did i fine job of playing the timeless Kenobei, yes Anakins actor was not the best but he did the job, making the the crowd feel the anger in him, the slow converse to the darkside, showing all of them that he is not the little boy that they seen in #1. I also agree with u on that there should be more ship battles cause thats was what the first 3 where based on but there again he has seen what none SW fans want; and that is more sabers more humer and weird aleins running around, and i think he did i fine job integrating this peice of the puzzle in, and still following the same store line that has been past down through book and story.

And to u TG_Nek *forhead*

you are the dumbest out of all of them, at least Alastair know a bit, come on you asshole, Windo was awsome he was not slow he was as good as any other jedi, he kicked ass, Jango did not have a chance, what would make him look more powerful (him shooting lighting from his fingers, and flame from his ass) and what is all this about AN ALL POWERFULL MAGE WOULD NOT USE A SWORD, well you dumbass like i said a bit ago u cant use YOUR FORCE FOR ATTACK, come on, Jedi are trained only to use for defence and only when it is nessasray, because u are so easly drawn to the darkside, like u where saying that u seen part when u would have used ur powers to get out or kill, thats what they are trained not to do.

This movie was good better then One, and not as good as the 4, but all around it was worth the time and wait, im a big fan and was pleased. All i ask is STOP WHINNING, u all sound like brats whinning about teadeist things stop it, it was good it drew everthing together the fall of courasent and the rise of Palptines power, I agree with Yui Unifex the end was good with the Loads of Clone/Storm Troops loading up into the large bouls of a make shift star-destroyer, and the raspy beat of the Imperail March to sound the begining and end of the Old Republic. IT was good and I cant wait for #3 i praise Lucas keep up the good work.!

If you pricks think u could do better write a better Ep.2 script and send it my way, until then SHUT UP!  
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Old 05-28-2002, 10:39 PM   #2
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I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings.

Are you 9?

It was my opinion.  I'll stick with it.  You're entitled to your
opinion, whatever.  No need to go calling me the anti-christ
or the like.  I posted, what?  two posts?  Maybe three?
All in the same day?  Over a week ago?  I'd hardly call that
whining.  Maybe venting.  But it was done.  Heck I even saw
the movie again with a friend.  And though I picked it apart,
I did enjoy many aspects of the movie, howerver formula
they were.

As for not being able to use your force powers to attack?  I'd
consider LOPPING SOMEONE'S HEAD OFF (re: your hero Mace
v J. Fett) a bit more dark side turning than just buckling his
knees out from under him or smacking him upside the head
with a fallen droid skull.  

And I didn't alude at all to Jango being more powerful.  I just
happen to enjoy envisioning the idea of a SINGLE, SPECIAL
bounty hunter that could scrap with a Jedi and have a
chance of coming away from it.  The fact he gave Kenobi a
good tousle was vindication for me.  Not through power, but
through skill and cunning.  But hey, I prefer Batman to
Superman, any day.  The thought of Samuel Jackson
lumbering straight towards him and all he did was shoot his
little blaster seemed a bit... anti-climatic to me.  

Yes, Mace Windu was slow.  Watch the movie again.  They
were all slow compared to Ewan MacGregor, compared to
the battles of Ep 1.  And there was too much posturing at the
end of every scene of the mass battle sequence.   Sure, I'll
ADMIT I am being critical of this point.  But after waiting
twenty years to see a MASS lightsaber battle, I was expecting
something more than what I got.  I was expecting the fight
sequences to at least rival those of last movie.  Especially
given the hype of all the swordplay training that supposedly
went into the movie.

And maybe I have fallen out of "avid Star Wars fan" status.
Maybe I had misinterpretted what Luecas was trying to define
in his previous tales.  I thought there was "The Force".  And it
was something that could be used for good or not-good
consequences.  I thought that HOW you used the Force
attributed to whether it was defined as "The Dark Side".  Like
if I used it to 'shove' you right now to prove a point it wouldn't
be that big a deal.  But, if I mustered the rage you did in YOUR
post to shove you, I'd definitely be delving into the "Dark"
Side.  Like force lightning - electricity is electricity - it comes
from the ambient energy around us, life.  It is electricity - it
is neither good nor evil.

Sorry, I don't yield to the silly rpg "these are bad force
powers" beliefs, I'd err more on the side of philosophy.  Take
Force Lightning.  If I used it to jump start a speeder, is that
using the Dark Side?  Just like anything in life, it's not just
what you do - it is the intent behind it.  Whether I used the
Force to do it or my own two hands if I killed someone, it's
still bad mojo.  Think Ani put a few points on his Dark Side
Visa by chopping up some Tusken Raiders?  I'd reckon so,
even if he "just" used his lightsaber.

But hey, maybe I'm just mis-understanding Luecas' vision of
the Force.

I don't even remember if I posted this before.  Which would
seem more sensible to an honorable order such as the Jedi?
A speeder chase through the most congested city on the most
congested planet in the solar system, or using the force to
'hold' or disable the speeder while the assassin could be
apprehended?  If you were captured in a force field, wouldn't
you just disable it by shorting a wire in it's main conductor or

And as for why I'm so critical?  Because I don't think it was
well thought out.  Could I write better?  Depends who does
the reading more than my skill, I'd say.  Yes, I think I would
have thought things through a little more than the writer
seemed to have.  Some people might enjoy that.  Others
might not.  *shrug*  Its the pitfall of writing.

As for doing it myself?  Sure, why not?  I have a gazillion
dollars myself.  Maybe one day as a gag once I master Maya
I'll re-make the movie, post it online and pray I don't get
sued.  I'll see if I can fit it into my schedule next quarter.

Sorry, those are just my thoughts.  You don't have to agree
with them.  You don't have to read them.  You can enjoy the
movie, the way Luecas intended for it to be enjoyed by

Me, I just think there was potential for it to be lots better.
It's like the Ewoks and Jar Jar really weren't missing in the
movie, they were just sprinkled over every scene in spirit.

I can't believe I even replied to this.

Reply your flame, get your last words in - I'm done.  Thats all
I have to say.


Okay, to give credit where credit is due, did I mentioned I


(note the annoying underscore -AND- double newlines)

enjoyed the scene where Boba Fett picked up his father's
severed head and stared at it forlornly? I enjoyed that A LOT.
Very J Whedon moment. That was some good writing.
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Blah blah blah.

Such obvious trolling doesn't deserve to be looked at, much less replied to.
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Old 05-29-2002, 01:50 AM   #4
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I hate when people say something in two pages what could easily be placed on one paragraph
ugh,well..all these fans are like that
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Old 05-29-2002, 02:28 AM   #5
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*Nah im 19*

Yes i know this is a pointless trival thing to whin about but it just kinda makes me mad that there can be so many fans of the time-less Science Fiction thriller, and then people just jump off the band wagon cause it does not meet there high-standerds of a flim. Yea i know where u are coming from, im not a starwars nerd (whatever that maybe) I just injoy starwars.

Yea looking back on Ep.1 you can see that the battles where more thought out and yes a bit faster but u got to think there was only what 2 battle in the whole movie, this one had at least 30, so u got to think that it would have took much longer and way more mulla from the ranch to make that same affect.

And yes I will be the first one to say that the storyline was not the well thought out master peice i was expecting, but it met some of my standerd. But u have to think that most of are hopes and greatness of ferse jedi renagades in battle came from books of other writers, lucas's enterprise just but there little stape on the thing. The clone wars that i knew from story where thousands of Mandolorian warriors marching from large-ships, and the jedi's out numbered,fastning them selfs to even the ods, and when i heard that there is no such thing as a mandolorian it kinda mad'nd me the hole mysteriusnes around Boba was gone ( and i agree with the hole jangos head cluched in bobas fist was apleaing, also the kick from Kenobi's boot that gave Bobas helmet that renoined dint )

And this hole thing about the force; The point i was trying to make was that it is easy to be drawen to the dark-side, this is why Yodo said in #5 that "u may use the force only for defence never for attack" the hole point u made about the cutting off jangos head with a saber was using the force for evil, well no it was not evil yea see u can as a jedi kill in defence the point yoda was making was that u can not use ur force powers like throwing, lightning or crushing people with objects, because then u get the sence of power and that u are better then everyone else, there for growing ever so close to the dark-side, u can kill with ur light-saber, ( and i know what u would say, that would'nt using ur saber with powers like quickness and such be useing ur powers well i guess so in a sence, but then what is jedi suppose to do let some one kill him, yea see im not a jedi or a huge huge fan, i have read like one or two books so really i dont know ethier, i just like debating. And the question u had about jump-starting your speeder with forse lighting; was it ok, ummmm i will have to get back to u on that one.

Im sorry for getting mad; i dont really care, i was just defending the movie cause i thought it was good, u dont have to agree, yea there are flaws and weekness's through-out the picture but i see past all of it, the battle sence where good to me, the story line ok, i give it a 9 out of 10 in my books, i think when u see 3 it will pull it all together for you.

Also i wrote this post to start a argument, so anyone what to fight some more?
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Old 05-29-2002, 11:47 PM   #6
Orion Elder
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This isn't a Star Wars forum. It's ok to have a bit of chatter here and there, but this post was obviously an attempt to start a flame war. If you want to flame someone, keep it where it goes. Which is not here.
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