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ArmageddonMUD is an old RPI (role-playing intensive) game that spans easily a decade I think. But I don't like to say that, because it went through several phases to reach its currentl, and most likeable state... which makes role-playing, fun and easy, and a first concern, over typical skill and stat based MUDs, that revolve around levels, killing things, and equipment.

As I stated above, numbers are pretty much invsible to the player. There are no levels, you -can- see what skills you have, and even learn more at a realistica pace, but you don't see things like precentages, numbers of damage, when they increase, etc. Its all invisible and a great way to have players not rely and play based on something that wouldn't affect them in a real setting.

It has a few basic classes: warrior, merchant, assassin, burglar, ranger, etc. But trustworthy players, (ones who have proven themselves to the staff that they have the ability to handle the RP-heavy responsibilities) are given the ability to play more advanced classes. Like a variety of magick-based, and a very exclusive psion.

There are a typical list of races, but because of the setting of the game, they are hardly what they appear. Human, Half-elf, dwarf, and Elf are available at start-up, each with a variety of quirks and detailed cultures that make them very different and interesting to play. As opposed to the standard furry dwarf and Legolas-like elf. Like the classes, there are several hidden races at first, granted to trustworthy players. Usually with a better understanding of the heavy role-play restrictions that they come with. Such as half-giants, muls, desert-elves, and the ultra-rare halflings and gith.

ArmageddonMUD is very RP oriented. There is no tolerable form of OOC communication. No hidden tells, no global communication, no who-list. And you don't see people by their name, but by a short-description that is often very similar in appearance to the NPCs in the world around you. Making interaction not limited to other people, but the world itself, which sometimes might suprise you by interacting back, weather through an intuitive script, or a staff-member that had been watching.

But the topic of staff brings up another great issue of the game. The staff of Armageddon is large, and well delegated. Having people in all nescessary positions, and almost always someone around to help should you need it. They keep the many clans, events, and basically just the game running smoothly, while cliche 'Staff' behavior of flashy Wiznet commands, and the infrequent world restore.

You most likely will never see a staff member through your character's eyes, unless during a Player-Staff meeting, or some form of punishment. And they don't communicate with players directly, but there is a command to send up a message, and in turn an available staff member to respond bak should you need help.

But help is a thing that isn't really common. There is a helpfile for almost anything you could need, and all are available on the website, as well as a good many, maybe even over 100 helpful documentation pages, ranging from plantlife, history, geography, culture of the large ciities. And all sorts of other things, both staff written and player submitted.

Anyways, this and more makes up the game that is Armageddon. Come check it out at:
or play at: 4050
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