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Old 11-17-2006, 07:43 PM   #1
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Alrighty. I have tried nearly every game in the Top 20 and a good number of ones in the Top 40. I am still having very poor luck in finding a game that suits me or that I stick with. I tried one of these posts a while ago and I figure it cannot hurt to try it again. I am going to try a bit of a different tact though. Instead of just describing what I want in a game I will post a bit of the character type I like to play. Maybe someone can point to game where that character will fit.

I like to play tribal oriented characters often with a religious/spiritual bent. I prefer classless MUDs but think in terms of druids, shamans, nature-oriented clerics, templars, and woodsmen.

I do not like alignment restricted MUDs. Though my characters are often nature/tribal oriented, they are not peace loving beatniks. They often tend to be militant minded evironmentalist/conservationalists. I like a game that if it has Deities, the god/ess of nature is more (or at least equal to) a divinity of death then life, night then day, decay then rebirth, etc.

I also like to explore in MUDs. I enjoy wandering the game and reading the room descriptions. Part of the joy in exploring comes from discovery. I thoroughly enjoy games with an herbs/plants system. If the plants can be applied to a cooking, crafting, healing system great. If there, are plants with no specific purpose other then cultivating or being part of the scenery even better. In the same vein, I also enjoy a hunting system. If corpses can be skinned for crafting and prepared for cooking this is a major plus. In addition, enjoyable but of lesser importance is a fishing system.

Of a secondary nature but also desirable is a housing/clan system. The more customizable the housing the better. Throw in furniture, pets, and hirable NPCs and my interest would increase manifold.

RP. Its great fun. So long as it does not revolve around snuggling, licking, lap riding, or cliques. I am a dialogue focused RPer. Emotes are nifty but I personally make heavier use of say then emote. My typing and my grammar are not on the level of an English Lit major. I am willing to put in the effort so long everyone else in the game is willing to make allowances for my imperfections.

PK. Honestly I can live without it. If the game has it that is fine too. I prefer social and political conflict to combat oriented conflict in games. I play text games for the story telling. When I feel like game based PK conflict I am more likely to play Ghost Recon or America’s Army then a MUD.

A few last tidbits because I have carried on enough.

I prefer level less games, and classless games to a lesser extent, but this is not necessary. I am not a big fan of grinding and in RP focused games even less so. I do it because it is necessary to gain XP. If your game has alternate methods to XP progression that would be great.

Perma-death. Not a big fan but I will put up with it.

Noobies. If your game has a noob 'period' do not put me through hoops to get out of it. The last MUD I tried required novices to have Guild talks before graduating. Fine and dandy but I spent 2 weeks being either politely ignored, rudely ignored, or inadvertently interrupting people’s text romance.

Pay to Play. I am not against it, but if your game is pay to play, I prefer subscription based games to pay for perks. I like nifty things like pets, and housing/keeps. Paying for them piecemeal can be expensive. I also do not like the ickiness that can come from the haves versus the have-nots. With a subscription game, you generally do not have to worry about that.

That is about it. As if it wasn't enough. I am not set in stone on all things listed. If your game does not have all of them that is fine. I am mostly looking for a place where my outlined character type will fit in. The technical aspects are just welcome add ons.
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Since you said, you've tried nearly every mud in the top 20, it's probably that you've tried DartMUD and didn't stick around for some reason.

In case you haven't though, you've described many of our features. Herbalism, cooking,, alchemy, farming, skinning, tanning, leather working, sewing, fishing hunting...we have all these and more. We're levelless and classless. We don't do much in the way of clerics or Deities (our Healer's Guild is the closest to a clerics and they are rather secular). We have a feudal system with four Houses which own castles, and we have four guilds with their own housing facilities. We have pets, from hamsters to horses.

Our RP is on a more subtle level than the flowery emoting that you might see on other RP muds, but a lot of it goes on below the surface in social and politcal intrique. PK is only acceptable in the context of RP. We do not have XP. We're skill based, and you improve those skills by practice and use.

We do have permadeath, but if you survive your first few weeks, it's not too difficult to acquire the resources to protect yourself from untimely demise.

We've been in existence for 15 years and we still have a very active coding staff, adding new content to the game all the time.
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Old 11-18-2006, 03:49 AM   #3
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Anitra is on a distinguished road
I think you should try 4 Dimensions.
It doesn't fill all your requirements, but then again, which Mud does?
For instance it has levels, tiers and classes. Not all players roleplay there,  it is mostly competitive, and focused on questing and trading, but the ones that do RP usually do it well. It also has PK, but it is optional.

On the other hand, among the things you asked for,  it has the most complex and detailed world I've seen anywhere, and it is a very large world too, or rather 4 different worlds.

4D is a very object-focused Mud, so most things there have a purpose, although this is not always obvious from the start. You can fell the trees, harvest the fields, pick the grapes, skin the animals, collect herbs, mushrooms, nuts and other ingredients for cooking and potion making, mine for ore and gemstones, fish and trade. Sometimes you can even milk the goats. If you get the honey from a bee hive, you are likely to be attacked by the bees, because both mobs and objects there are unusually interactive.

And above all you can explore. In 4D everything has a description, usually in several layers, and you can even look behind above and under things, or smell, taste and feel them. Not everything is apparent on first sight, you often have to look a bit extra for hidden portals or containers in a room.

Houses in 4D are expensive, paid for by Quest tokens, but once you have bought one, you can also furnish the rooms, and get yourself personalised pets, mounts, servants or slaves. You can even buy your personal car or ship, the vehicle code there is more advanced than in most Muds. Apart from the usual wagons, there are ships that you can sail in the Prehistoric Dimension, and spaceships to fly in Future. There are even pushcarts , containers on wheels.

If you go there and want a quick introduction to their special culture, apart from their very enlightening School and Quest Academy, try Carthage Bay, which is a newbie zone with a lot of detail. You'll find a shortcut to it if you go all west on Venture Way from the main Square that you land in after Char generation.

4D has an active and dedicated staff, and is 100% free.

The address to the Mud is
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