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Greetings... The Hyborian Lands (THL) MUD is a new mud that officially
opened Thanksgiving 2003 as a non-beta playable mud. Over 2 years in the
making, and running on a SMAUG codebase, we've managed to make it our own
by creating a realistic simulation of the lands and races imagined by
sword and sorcery master, and creator of Conan, Robert E. Howard.

Since 2003 we have continued to develop and build the game, despite the
fact that we haven't really advertised alot for players. Now we have
reached a point in development where we will be aggressively advertising
for a playerbase. Please don't be discouraged by the lack of players.
The game is fairly huge now, with tons of secrets, suprises, danger and
adventure for even the hardened Mudder! Ancient tombs, reeking sewers,
vast plains, dusty forgotten crypts in the mountains, and more, are all
waiting to be explored by the first adventurers in this new THL!

THLv1.1: Dark Shadows in Zamora


 - stable, fast server
 - absolutely 100% free (and always will be)
 - encouraged roleplay (certain restrictions are enforced)
 - all original areas simulating actual Hyborian territory
 - over a dozen races including:
      Cimmerians, Stygians, Aquilonians, Aesir, Khitans...etc

 - 7 classes:
      Wizard   ;the standard kind, very powerful mages
      Healer   ;faith can heal anything, even your evil life
      Warrior  ;live by the sword, die by the sword
      Thief    ;the best of the best come to the city of Arenjun
      Vampire  ;preying on the living, hunted like dogs
      Sorcerer ;evil men delving in the Black Arts
      Were-men ;men trapped in the form of bloodthirsty wolves

 - a four-sided PLAYERKILL war
     Vampires vs ALL (can ally with Sorcerers)
     Sorcerers vs ALL (can ally with Vampires)
     Were-men vs ALL
     ALL other classes/races vs Were-men, Sorcerers, Vampires

 - strategic area design for the best RP/PK experiences
 - expanded AI (artificial intelligence) in mobiles
 - expanded features, skills, spells
 - balanced equipment and magical items
 - tons of help material
 - spam reduction
 - no pwipes - ever
 - honest, fair, mature Immortal staff
 - constant development and expansion
 - violent, suspense-filled, atmospheric game play

Example of just a few of our areas/scenerios:

 - seek to rob the Elephant Tower or the bloodstained God, just
   like Conan did in the original stories!
 - cursed by a spell from a vengeful sorcerer, a certain Baron
   tries to hold off hordes of the undead from storming his fortress
 - high in the Kezankian mountains, some tribal men whisper that
   hideous man-like beasts prowl the frozen heights
 - men say the ruins of Larsha, the ancient, abandoned capitol of
   Zamora, are accursed and haunted by unimaginable terror

Want adventure? Try us today at HYBORIAN-LANDS.NET 6666
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