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Old 11-14-2006, 12:35 PM   #1
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After a three month hiatus from MUDding, I'm looking for a new MUD! Browsing around the sites hasn't really yielded anything interesting, so I've decided to put out an advertisement.

I've been playing for six years, so I have a pretty good idea of what I'm looking for. My preferences are listed from most to least important to me. Does your MUD meet my requirements?

RP - RP encouraged, RP enforced, it doesn't matter, but there must be a high level of roleplay that seeks to embrace new players (instead of being limited to several old cliques). Are your PK groups based off of RP? What does the RP on your MUD revolve around? Is it based on political conflict within a city, a conflict betwee the gods, war between cities, trying to beat back a demonic infestation?

Pay to Play/for Perks - Absolutely not. 'Donate' for perks also falls into this catagory. The amount of time you put in should dictate how well your charater does, not how much money you have in your wallet.

Immortals - I like my Immortals friendly, visible, and helpful. I have had problems with Immortal favoritism in the past, so I would prefer a MUD where the Immortals have a good reputation. One or two bad Immortals can ruin an otherwise wonderful play experience.

Mythos - I prefer a highly developed history that can lend me plenty of character ideas, but which is constantly developing with the actions of characters in the world. Does your mythos have a theme?

World Development - Are your rooms well-written, and delightful to explore? How much of your world is original? You can only walk through New Thalos once before you get extremely bored with it.

Alignment - I don't really like hard-coded alignment systems, but prefer systems where you pick your alignment and roleplay accordingly (D&D style, for example). What style is your alignment system?

PK - PK is great when it is a part of the roleplay experience. I prefer when PK is enforced by RP. What is your PK system like? How do you handle grief-PKers? Is there looting? Is it limited?

Size - Medium. I don't like playing with several hundred other players, but I like having people around to RP with whenever I feel like logging on.

Permdeath - Do you have it or not? This won't really effect if I choose to try your MUD, but I like to know what I'm getting into.

These are the main areas I'm interested in. I've tried a few different leveling systems and code bases and find that it doesn't really matter to me as long as the roleplay is abundant and enjoyable. Thanks for taking your time to respond!
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RP enforced - it's RPI mud.


Visible and friendly imms

Mythos Based of Hàrnworld roleplaying world. Low magic (it's there and can be powerful, normal people just don't know about it) and quite realistic.
Lythia Kelestia Columbia Games

World development, rooms are all original, and well detailed.

Your religion tells something about your alignment. but otherwise it's up to you to follow your idea of alignment.

PK must go In Character.

Medium or small in player base.

Permdeath. and new charcters must be approved. Character generation is detailed. So death of Character also means pause in game.

Based of Real Pen&Paper RolePlayingGame where is no:
Character classess (only professions and guilds to make up living, and social classess like Nobles and Peasants - so it's very In Character).
Levels (it's skills based, so that artifact has no meaning)
HitPoints (it has wounds, you get wound, and it just heals if you keep it clean and doesn't stress yourself - oh, there is infections also)

And combat is deadly, always.

I have played it several years. I have tried other mud's also, but always I have came back to this. I also had about 5 year break in MUDding owerally, but when I started it again, I came back to this RPI MUD.

RPI MUD Network
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Old 11-15-2006, 11:52 AM   #3
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I thought for several days before responding because I wasn't 100% sure how Unwritten Legends matched up to what you wanted. I realized this was because there are some fairly subjective requirements, and being an honest sort, I do not want to accidentally misrepresent something that seems one way to me, but may seem different to you due to your personal context. So I'll try to explain as we go along.

RP - Roleplay is the point of Unwritten Legends, although it is not quite an RPI. You can attack other characters, but there must be a storyline reason for it that you can clearly explain to staff if necessary. There are 'cliques' but then again, I really don't know any social game that doesn't have those, and as in many cases, they're not as hardcore as they appear. There are many avenues for new people to get involved; I can think of several RP groups specifically that always have open arms for people that can roleplay with basic proficiency, and the staff often searches out new people specifically to interact with.

Pay to Play/for Perks - Absolutely not. Won't happen.

Immortals - They are friendly, visible, and helpful. My only complaint is I'd like them all to clone themselves so someone could be on duty 24/7. As in all games, sooner or later there are cries of favoritism, but having been in many games since the opening of the internet, I can say that 99% of the accusations are false. The other 1% is probably the human factor that you can't ever entirely purge.

Mythos - Lots of background info. Often, it is used to develop an ongoing plot. I think with more staff, it would be happening almost daily, and changes to the surroundings or story already do happen due to character behavior. Again, if our staff could clone themselves (especially Ione and Vaschon! I would be completely content on the speed of events. As it is, we do have to wait sometimes, but we do know that 'it's coming' and we are not disappointed when it does.

World Development - This is one of UL's best features. It's very large, and I know I haven't seen it all after two years. Each room is carefully written, and everything in it is touchable and has its own description, down to the ground and walls. Detail in objects and places is probably something that I haven't seen handled better in any other game.

Alignment - No alignment system, though it was debated once (and essentially disliked, due to the difficulty in making such value judgements accurately.)

PK - Yes, characters have to put their money where their mouth is sometimes. There's no difference between attacking a troll and attacking a PC; it's all done with the same system, and there's no flagging or anything of that sort. Griefers are yanked up VERY quickly by staff and told in no uncertain terms that it won't be tolerated. Looting doesn't exist unless you count the things in your character's hands that are dropped in death. The number of kills is not limited, but be ready to explain the RP if asked, in a convincing fashion.

Size - There aren't hundreds of players on at a time, but during regular gaming hours there are usually 20-30. On important events, there is usually about 50-60. On off hours there may only be a few.

Permdeath - Not yet. Right now death is pretty harmless due to the need to be testing and balancing changes in combat that are going on. Once that settles, a form of permadeath will be decided and implemented.

Hope that helps.

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Old 11-15-2006, 02:30 PM   #4
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Esithae is on a distinguished road
Due to the extreme subjectivity of my requirements -.^ I really appreciate your detailed response.
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Old 11-15-2006, 09:48 PM   #5
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Thumbs up

You didn't mention big stuff like monster-killing and genre, so I thought I might throw out something completely different: Otherspace.

RP - Our game is rp-enforced, with rp revolving around three elements: admin-driven macro-plots, player-driven micro-plots, and boatloads of one on one or small group everyday roleplay. My own faction just wrapped up a three month plotline about a revolutionary group trying to topple the government, and there was political rp, social rp, and very intense military rp, and more logs than you could probably read in a week.

Pay-to-play - We have stuff like books and t-shirts you can buy out of the game, but it doesn't affect your character in-game.

Immortals - We have a well-liked immortal staff, though obviously you'd have to check with our players, as I'm biased in that regard.

Mythos - Check out our wiki. Not only is our history one of the best-thought-out themes around, it has more depth than almost any other game on TMS, and is changing and adapting daily, if not hourly. It is occasionally considered one of our weaknesses, as it can occasionally be a hurdle for a new person to fully immerse themselves in the world.

World Development - All of our rooms are entirely original, being an original theme, and I'd like to say that they're desced well.

Alignment - We don't utilize alignment at all, and some of our most popular players seem good to some, and evil to others. It all depends on what you value, and what side you're on, or if you're on a side at all.

PK - PK is available, but enforced by logic. Hang out in the frontier and brandish weaponry, and you may be shot and killed. Hang out in the cities and the more civilized areas, and there's very little chance of that, as law enforcement is often right around the corner. PK doesn't run rampant because our game runs in real time, and nobody really wants to wait out a ten year jail sentence. As such, we have no grief-PKers, but when there is PK, they can pretty much take what they like, just like in real life.

Size - We have anywhere from ten people at low points, to forty or more at high points, which is often much more than enough for getting rp whenever you want it without ever feeling impersonal.

Permdeath - As I mentioned earlier, we do have permdeath. When you're dead, you create a different character with no relation to the previous one.

If you're interested, head to and take a look at the New to Otherspace? Tab in the upper right corner.
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Old 11-16-2006, 06:25 PM   #6
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I didn't mention genre on purpose. I like a wide variety of things, from general fantasy to Starwars to modern gothic horror. I regularly play pen and paper D&D, Vampire, Starwars, and weird ones like HOL. And I didn't mention monster-killing and game systems because I am looking to try new things, and as long as the game has a good RP base I'm willing to give it a try, figure out how the systems work, and generally have myself a good trial-and-error time.

Again, thank you for your response!
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Old 11-17-2006, 09:38 AM   #7
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Hello there.

This is against my better judgement, as I usually don't offer up posts about what I'm involved with or doing, but how can it really hurt? The mud I am going to refer you to is The Southlands. or telnet: port 8888. I'll try to detail how we fit your listed needs, and maybe it will spark interest. If not, well, can't fault me for trying.

RP - Southlands is an immersive roleplay experience. This is where you are playing a character, similiar to out of a novel. Once connected you -are- that character in thoughts, actions, decisions and motivations. If you see an ooc communication, it is likely someone asking a question or trying to help. But otherwise, it is 100% roleplay, strictly enforced.

Pay to Play/for Perks - The only perks come with good roleplaying and time investment.

Immortals - Southlands has a team of immortals who have been dedicated to the project for, on average, 8 years each. There have been some who have come and gone but the core group has been around for many years and are all very helpful and interested in seeing to it that new players have a forgiving learning curve.

Mythos - Southlands has a high fantasy, rich theme centered around a race of elves (other races available with experience) living in a lush, forested setting. Politics and religion are both key elements to the game's design.

World Development - 60,000 rooms of well written, original material. If the main city isn't enough for you, you can visit one of the other centers of civilization.

Alignment - If you're good or evil you have to prove it through your character actions. There isn't some coded standard to live upto saying you have to be evil. It comes down to whatever motivates your character to being a jerk or a saint. So long as it is in character to do so.

PK - PK is allowed, but generally, there have to be IC circumstances for it to happen. It would be considered an irrational, criminal act to just go and blick someone for their gear. Numerous things lead up to a player death at the hands of another player.

Size - Strong, steady playerbase at all times of day, with the obvious decline during the wee hours of EST.

Permdeath: Yes. Gone is gone.

Hopefully this gives you some idea of what Southlands is about. It isn't for everyone and rather pointedly says in the login screen that it -can- contain adult oriented material in the way of violence, language and relationships, so the playerbase is preferred to be 18+ years of age.

But there you have it. I can be reached at if you have additional questions.

Administrator of Southlands Mud 8888
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Old 03-11-2008, 12:51 AM   #8
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Re: Roleplayer Seeks MUD

I was a little surprised to read BrettH's claim that Unwritten Legends will never be pay-to-play.
Unless a ten-years-old mission statement has changed, the eventual 'live' phase was always slated to be pay for play. Perhaps that's changed, but I don't know of a single instance where that has been stated.

Currently, it is free, and probably will be for some time, as development has been in beta for ten years. Perhaps the intention to charge some day has changed, but not that I'm aware of.
The closest I've ever heard to that claim was players saying they'd never pay to play it.
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Old 03-11-2008, 11:21 AM   #9
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Re: Roleplayer Seeks MUD

To clarify, I meant that UL will never have a system of paying for perks, ever. It was in response to the OP's requirement on the pay/pay for perks category:

"Absolutely not. 'Donate' for perks also falls into this catagory. The amount of time you put in should dictate how well your charater does, not how much money you have in your wallet."

Since it seemed like she was talking about paying for perks, I assumed UL fit the requirement.

Thanks for the heads up that I may not have been especially clear. This is a two year old post so I didn't have much recent chance to check it for errors.

Last edited by BrettH : 03-11-2008 at 11:37 AM.
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Re: Roleplayer Seeks MUD

Wow! This is some serious necro-posting. It liiiiives.
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Re: Roleplayer Seeks MUD

*Walks through the street clanging a bell*

"Bring out your dead....Bring out your dead"
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Re: Roleplayer Seeks MUD

There's a Monty Python & The Holy Graile game on CD with Eric Idle voice-overs, permutations of that line.

"Ream out your head!"
"Sing out for bread!"
"Bing Crosby's dead!"
(But in this case)
"Cling onto thread!"

Back on topic:
I am not seeking a Monty Python RPG.
I have been known to PK characters that slip Pythonisms into their RP. Not because I hate MP, but because they remind me of all the guys that parroted "Excuuuuuuuuuuuse Meeeeeeee!" when Steve Martin made it famous for ten minutes in the '70s.
It's rude of me, but in the grocery store the other day, I ran over a hippie's foot for saying "Shazbot."

Having said that:
"Son, one day, this will alllll be yours."
"What, the curtains?"
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Re: Roleplayer Seeks MUD port 23

RP - Encouraged and rewarded/punished on occasion for out of character talk.

Pay to Play/for Perks - It is free. Donations will result in an increase in skill point gain for a limited time. The more you donate, the longer it lasts.

Immortals - Friendly and sometimes active in the game. They can be visible or invisible by their choosing. They're there to help and to make sure no one is idling, as skill points are gained through time. They take time to roleplay as well, and do contests and stuff on ocassion. (Skill points are not the same as experience)

Mythos - Evarayn has very developed history, the Lorac.. as the gods are called.. take part in all of this. Some of them are still active from the beginning and some are newly created. It is always evolving and changing with time.

World Development - Evarayn is well developed, very original in all aspects I believe. Very few "stock" rooms or things that I have found. It is a wonderful world to explore and get lost in. Its easy to feel as though you're actually living it.

Alignment - There is no "alignment system" per-se. You choose what your character will be, how he or she will act according to your own alignment preferance. There are no boundaries with it.

PK - PK in Evarayn is definetely RP based. You can't kill without a RP reason. And it is over looked by the admins. Bodies can not be looted at all after PK. You do not drop anything, not even gold. All of your inventory is attatched to your body at all times, unless you decide to drop it or do away with it yourself.

Size - Evarayn is .. Medium I would say. There are times it is small - medium. It just depends. Usually whenever you are on there will be someone you can roleplay with. Or if not, there are plenty of other wonderful things to keep yourself busy until people show up.

Permdeath - There is no perma-death. You die, you either sacrifice to yourself or one of the gods. You have 10 "void trips" before you start to lose modifiers, which will weaken you. You regain void trips either with magical nuts what can be found in adventures, or by a sage with a renewal. There are also benevolences which are very handy, which will keep your void trip, and cut a percentage of what you lose in experience when you die.
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Re: Roleplayer Seeks MUD

Haven - telnet://

Trust Uncle Duukie
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