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I am a fairly new player to False Realities, but I've taken a liking to the game and felt the need to help promote it.  I thought a post here would be better than in the Review section.

I'm not sure how long False Realities has been open, but I know it is constantly growing and changing. Even as I wandered around the streets of the starting city of Yares last night, I found a few shops that had just opened their doors for the first time.

The thing I found very nice on this mud, is that you can do anything. Swing a sword at creatures; be the smith who forged the sword; or be the miner or mined the ore and smelted it. So so many possiblities.

Also, from the info page of the game you can see that it is a RP-encouraged MUD. I would love for my fellow RP'ers to try this game out.  I would love to brain storm with a few others and create a few RP oriented Guilds.

There are several RP enhancing features:
*Player created and run clans
*Player owned and decorated homes
*Player run shops
*Player Leiges and Vassals

Here's some generally good things about the MUD:
*A long list of Poisons and contagious and diseases
*Equipment that rusts, dulls, etc.
*So many crafts skills:
*Soar the skies or sail the vast oceans.
*Friendly Staff and Veteran Players
*Character Evolution.
(My path is a Blacksmith and then a Alchemist to become an Inventor for more crafting abilities! )

Well that's all  I can think of.  Come try it out!
False Realities
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