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Snowflakes, each of a unique shape, drift slowly to the ground where they pile up on top of one another, creating a beautiful covering of snow across the quiet streets of Paris. A carriage hurries by, and its passing kicks up a brief gust of wind which swirls the snow into a gentle drift. Just ahead, the carriage stops and out steps a beautiful woman dressed in the rich and thoroughly decorated clothes of a noble. As the footman helps her out of the carriage, she smiles gracefully and nods, then enters the gorgeous building before her, known as the Louvre.

Inside the Louvre, she passes through the gatehouse and steps into the chambers of the Counsellor of Paris. There is a crowd of nobles here, chatting and laughing, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Royal Family. In the midst of the nobles, there is an old man with keen eyes, who seems to be searching for lost articles of value. One by one, the nobles bring to him those items for which he had been searching, and he rewards them with honour, praise and livres. He also requests of them other tasks, and the nobles oblige him often with smiling faces.

A messenger of the Church runs in breathlessly and proclaims, "A party is starting at Bothwell's! All are invited!"

Suddenly, the nobles perk up, as the social life is one of much entertainment in Paris. Carriages begin to line up outside the Louvre, as the nobles step out of the gatehouse one by one and climb into the horse-drawn vehicles. Some nobles are even untether their mounts from the trough outside the Louvre and riding their loyal steeds to the party, where the stablehands take good care of the equine citizens of Paris. Once most have arrived at Bothwell's, invitations in hand, the party begins.

Sipping claret and smiling openly at all who enter, a young Acolyte of the Church has beaten all others to the party and is welcoming all who enter. She has prepared the room by bringing small trinkets and cabinets of goods, for it is Christmas after all! As the citizens of Paris become settled in the comfortable chairs spread about the quiet drinking room, the games begin.

If you've ever wanted to spend Christmas in Paris, now is your chance! December is upon the lands of Age of the Throne, and the nobles have gathered to throw a Christmas celebration to beat all! Join us for activities such as a snowman making competition, caroling, a Bazaar, a Christmas Mass and many more! You may even catch a glimpse of Pere Noel walking down the street delivering presents to all he should meet!

Age of the Throne is a pay-to-play MUD which offers 10 hours of free play to all new citizens. Upon arrival to the City, you will be greeted by a guide who will assist you in performing your first quests, learning the basic commands and achieving your first title, if you wish to have one. Following your guide, you will be approached by a mentor, one who is established in the City and wishes to impart knowledge on those who have recently arrived. He or she will fit you with fine clothes, train you in skills and teach you in the ways of the City. You can choose to a career in the regiments and hope to train for the elites, or a more passive role in the Church of Paris. There are many jobs across the City, which offer participation in the four organizations of Paris: the Royal Court, the Chatelet, the Hotel de Ville and the Palais Royal. You can become a tax collector, an estate agent, a royal jeweller, a gendarme, or many other opportunities. You can participate in City-wide events, featuring roleplay and combat, depending on your preference.

Connect now and celebrate Christmas in Paris!
Age of the Throne
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