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At 12:12 AM 10/4/02 -0400, (name withheld) wrote:
>I have heard good things about DartMUD, but I have also
>heard that killing newbies for no reason is rampant there. My
>most important requirement for having fun is kindness and
>support from players to newbies. PK is okay, but only in
>appopriate rp.
>Is it really like this there?
>(name withheld)


As a newbie on DM you are far more likely to die from "natural" causes than to be PKed, at least until you've had a day or so to meet people and make enemies.

Random newbie killing has been known to happen, in most cases due to a matter of mistaken identity. Occasionally the psychopath du jour will decide it's a good idea to go around killing people for no reason, but Sulamar, the local god of fate, tends to frown on newbie killing, and he knows just how the dice are loaded.

PKilling of characters who have been around for a little while and attracted negative attention is somewhat more common. Allowing it to be known that you have thievery in mind as a career path is a common fatal error.

Certainly it's not like some muds I have visited where anything that moves, or fails to move, is attacked immediately.

That being said, the genre of the RP on DartMUD is probably not what a traditional RPer, as I gather you are, is used to. Most of what you will see walking around town in the first hour or so will probably seem quite crude and OOC. This is because the people who hang around town tend to be newbies and their teachers, and they spend a lot of time getting people up to speed with the interface and to a level of skill where they can contribute. If you stick around, you will begin to notice the subtle yet intricate undercurrent of RP which tends to revolve around castle and guild politics.

I guess you'll just have to try it and see if you like it!

Thanks for your interest,

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