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Over the past few weeks the staff at Accursed-Lands have been making a big effort to increase the number of ways players can express their character.  We’ve improved our emote commands and added many others to try and make our emote system one of the most advanced available in an RPI.  This is a brief run down of the different commands, and what they allow.  Feel free to log in and try them for yourself ;-)

The basic emote command.  It fully supports speech, accents and object references (both to living and non-living objects).  It is also possible to use ‘passive emotes with the @ operator’, so you could have, for example: Speaking in a gruff voice, @ asks, “What?”

This allows you to use your belongings or body parts as the subject of your emote, for example: pemote cheek glistens as a tear runs slowly down it.

Tmote or travel emote:
This allows you to add a trailer to the end of your usual movement string, so you can walk with a limp, a hobble or a lilting swagger if you like.

This command allows you to change your position in a room.  For example, you could be sitting in the shade of a tree, leaning against a wall or lying semi-conscious in a pool of blood.

Omote or object emote:
This allows you to manipulate objects in your environment in as many imaginative ways as you choose to.  For example:
omote knife is lying on the flagstones, covered in blood.

Would put ‘An iron knife is lying on the flagstones, covered in blood’ in the objects list of a room.  It is also possible to define an action to print while manipulating the object by adding an extra argument after a hash, for example:

omote knife is lying on the flagstones, covered in blood#drops

Would replace the typical ‘Jack arranges an iron knife’ with ‘Jack drops an iron knife’

Within these echoes it is possible to change the position of the item’s name (an iron knife) through the use of the * operator.  For example:

Omote  knife its blade stained with dark blood, * is lying on the flagstones#drops * and takes a slow step back, his face pale

This command gives a lot of freedom for players to enrich their environment in as many ways as they see fit.

This command does what you might expect it to, and lets your voice carry through the air.  Our system works according to distance in meters rather than room numbers, and requires a good set of ears to pick up someone’s voice from a distance.

It is also possible to replace the standard ‘Jack shouts’ action by putting your own in brackets, for example:

Shout (cups his hands around his mouth and calls out) Jill?

Would come up to people in the same room as:

Jack cups his hands around his mouth and calls out, “Jill?”

And to people in the other rooms as:

A male human voice shouts from far to the northwest, “Jill?”

Lemote or ‘loud emote’:
This works in the same way as shout but can be used for a greater variety of sounds and actions.  For example ‘lemote piercing scream’ would come up to people in other rooms as ‘You hear a piercing scream from far away to the north.’

You can also include a custom action when making the sounds by adding another argument after a hash, for example: lemote loud cheer#lets out a cheer!

Would show up to people in other rooms as ‘You hear a loud cheer from nearby to the north.’ And to people in the same room as ‘Jack lets out a cheer!’
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